I am beyond excited to kick off my first ever haunt tour as an official Scurryface Reviewer. To start off my first tour, I decided to check out a local attraction I hadn’t been to before. I had several people immediately recommend The Haunted Pyramids, so always being up for a new fun experience I had to see what this place had to offer for myself. The Haunted Pyramids charges $25 per ticket and takes about 30 minutes to complete on a slower night. It’s a haunt in the middle of several country back roads that immediately makes you feel like you are in an old school slasher film from the second you pull into the entrance, leaving you questioning where exactly you are and what you’ve gotten yourself into. This is a phenomenal start! 

Actors: 5.9

There were very few actors outside on the midway. As for inside of the attraction(s), the actors seemed leashed as they didn’t really interact with the customers or groups very much. Several were seen walking around with their masks off or half in costume. Others were missing from their scare spots or were ill prepared whenever “victims” walked through, breaking character on multiple occasions. It really broke the illusion of the monster world they were trying to achieve. These several actors seemed like they didn’t have the heart for haunting. It could be inexperience due to being new to the industry or haunt world as well. Not to say that every one of them had this mentality. The actors in the main Haunted Pyramids attraction definitely went above and beyond to give quality entertainment to customers. Two of the immediate stand outs were the spark flying Freddy Kruger with his clawed glove and a younger girl who told us to call her Regan (she was in an Exorcist scene). She played the victim part exceedingly well with a scream to match. Towards the end of the maze, the power went out and the actors proceeded to carry on as best they could. Shining their own flashlights so customers could navigate better through the darkened hallways while the actors were “taunting” us with pop scares and chainsaws to keep the terror flowing. Actors continuing the show through an unexpected event is always an amazing thing to see!

Theme/Trail - 5.2

They offer 5 different attractions at the haunt. 


4 Mazes:

The Haunted Pyramids

Carnival of Terror

The Abandoned

Monster Manor


There is no clear storyline to The Haunted Pyramids or hidden background on how it came to be. The pacing and transitions were off in several places throughout the maze attractions. There was no continued, steady flow as you navigated your way from place to place. The dead zones with lack of actors or decor/props in places majorly attributed to this. There seemed to be random clowns running around in each set that at times made you question how they fit into the scenario, such as what appeared to be an exorcism scene... with a clown choking the excorcism actress with a bat. It seemed out of place and didn’t feel authentic.


If you finish all of the mazes, they also have one exhibit building:


Dr. Venom’s Snake Pit: This attraction was the haunt’s newest addition and is guaranteed to be a fan favorite! This building was filled with dozens of real life snakes and a few other reptiles crawling around inside multiple glass terrariums. If you are one of the braver, more curious guests, the staff may even allow you to hold a snake of their choosing and snap a few free photos with the creature.

Atmosphere: 7.5

There’s a certain backwoods horror southern charm to the location of the haunt. Hidden away on the side roads of rural Lawndale, out in an open field area, where you’re instructed to park, you instantly get a gut feeling that you could easily be stuck in a 70’s horror film and the sound of chainsaws and screams in the distance do anything, but calm these jittery nerves. As you walk down the dirt road to enter the Haunted Pyramids you can see the midway area which looks part ghost town, part side show carnival gone wrong. In case there’s a wait and you’re looking for a distraction, there are two booths where food and candy can be purchased as well as a tiny gift shop of random odds and ends. There are no actors or announcers instructing you on where to go, so make sure you ask the ticket office where the attraction lines are or you may be wandering around aimlessly for several minutes upon entering. Also, if you’re one of the clumsy ones, keep an eye out for uneven boards or steps while you are adventuring through the attractions especially the black out areas.

Costumes/Makeup: 7.0

Most of the actors at this attraction wore masks and detailed costumes. A few well known slasher villains were also seen roaming the haunt. The machete toting Jason Voorhees wearing swimming googles got more giggles than scares in our group...attention to small character details like this would have helped with the horror aesthetic. Those without masks had detailed makeup to help enhance their monster personas. There was a noticeable effort in character creation.

Customer Service: 9

It was easy to see this attraction relies more on the support from the locals and word of mouth than mainstreaming advertisement to out of towners, but they were still very hospitable. Some line leaders were eager to chat with us as we waited in line at each maze even when they didn’t know we were a part of the reviewing process. There were technical issues with the power off and on throughout the night, so the main manager went around giving out wait times til the error was fixed and checking in on guests making sure they were enjoying their visit.

Special Effects: 5.5

The Haunted Pyramids uses limited special effects in their attractions and in this case, less is better. It works for them. Besides the occasional laser beam, fog machine and 3D artwork on the walls, they mainly rely on jump scares and sound effects made from banging on the walls or nearby props for a startled reaction.

Bang for Your Buck: 7.5

For the price of $25, you get admission to five different attractions - The Haunted Pyramids, Monster Manor, Carnival of Terror, The Abandoned and Dr. Venom’s Snake Pit. Parking is free. The wait times were extremely short. We waited no longer than 10-15 minutes each before being allowed to enter the sets to watch the show begin. If you have a love for creepy, crawly things, the new snake and reptile exhibit is undoubtedly guaranteed fun. If you’re in the area, I’d recommend checking this place out.

Is It Scary: 6.1

For a small town haunt, the Haunted Pyramids has its moments. I saw a few guests become startled and spooked with jump scares. There is also an over usage of strategically placed chainsaws at several points in each of the mazes, so if you have a massive phobias of those be forewarned. With the careful timed spacing they do between each group, there should be a scare to go around for everyone.

Overall -

All in all, if you’re local to the area and looking for some spooky fun entertainment on a weekend night, make sure to check out The Haunted Pyramids. I think that while this haunt may have been lacking in a few areas, with a bit more direction and focus, it has definite potential. I look forward to seeing how they progress in future haunt seasons.



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