My second stop of my 2019 tour led me to Courtland, Alabama, in a haunt located in an old school. The drive took around an hour and forty some odd minutes. I wouldn’t say it’s too hard of a drive. The haunt is not too terribly hard to find at all with signs helping guide the way. The haunt is very large filled with spookiness and excitement around each corner. This was my first time ever seeing this haunt but I do believe I will be returning to see it again!

Atmosphere: 8

The Haunted House of Horror has a lot to give from the moment you pull up and park. They looked to be busy, which is a good thing! I never once heard a complaint about the wait time. This year, they allowed the guests to pass the time with movies and clown paintball which was an absolute blast. As we were waiting, I noticed tons of room for patrons to sit and rest as they wait to walk-through as well as a small gift shop area to look at. Though I only saw one crowd actor, he was great and the guests seemed to be amused by him. However, I would have liked to see a few more as there is a ton of room for them to run around in and entertain everyone. The house was decorated but due to being in an old abandoned school, the building itself gives off a creepy atmosphere.



Actors: 10

I have been through a few haunts in my lifetime but I have to give it to the actors here, they are extremely dedicated to what they do and it shows. I truly appreciate how intense the actors came to be as we progressed. With almost all of scenes, I cannot say that I was disappointed. The timing of the actors was grand and they feed off of each other’s energy so well. Especially the clowns. The clowns may have been the most intense actors in the haunt and I loved it. I witnessed they jump on and over several different objects to get a scare out of us. I was truly impressed with them. I also recall a scene where two girls played off of a prop distraction very well. As I was watching the prop, the girls snuck up behind us and timed their scare perfectly. Very impressed. I would give these actors and actresses a lot of praise.



Customer Service: 10

The staff was a lovely group of people and all of them were extremely nice and helpful. I couldn’t complain about them even if I tried! The staff cares about and will cater to the needs of each patron in anyway they possibly can.



Special Effects: 8

Haunted House of Horror did a phenomenal job when it came to their special effects and the utilization of them. As mentioned earlier, one of the best scares I witnessed was with the use of what starts as a video for a distraction and ends as a great scare for the actors. An extremely memorable effect was the incorporation of moving floors that once again, help serve as a distraction for an actor. I have never seen this done before but I sincerely hope it is never removed from the haunt. I will say, it really sets a tone for what you’re about to get into. The animatronics they had were all appropriate and fit in with the scenes. The lighting was spot on as well with there being just enough to see but not enough to give away where the actors were. However, towards the end of the haunt, there was a scene that slightly reminded me of something out of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies and my induction was correct as an actor came forth wielding a chainsaw… though I don’t believe it was a real chainsaw which somewhat ruined the feel of the scene.



Trail: 9

Throughout the entire trail of The Haunted House of Horrors, I never once found myself thinking “How’d I get here?” All the scenes flow very well together. You will start your tour with a bang and end with one too. The trail offers a wide variety of takes on different scenes. I cannot really complain. I will say, it was slightly confusing on which way to go from time to time though.



Costumes/Makeup: 9

The haunt pays attention to detail and that can go along way. The make up was fitting in each scene and there was never too much or too little. I noticed several high quality masks as I walked through. The costumes looked great too. They did not appear to be something that you find out of any retail store at all. There were a few outfits that I had never seen before at all, the clowns being a prime example of that. Most of the actors were dressed head-to-toe for their parts. I did notice in the waiting area, the crowd entertainer was only dressed from torso and up. You can easily see his legs and basketball shorts. Seeing it reminds you that you’re still in reality and can take away from the effect.



Is it Scary? 9.5

Without a doubt, yes! This is one of my favorite haunted houses I’ve ever been through! The scares just keep coming one after another. There is never really a dull moment. The scares are creative too. I really cannot give enough praise to the utilization of the special effects/distractions by the actors. As we entered the building, we heard people shrieking in terror inside the haunt. The actors are full of energy and they are ready to scare! They clearly love what they do and it shows.



Bang for your Buck? 10

Is this haunt worth it? I’d say so. The ticket prices are understandable and not super expensive and you can add the Clown Paintball for a small fee. The staff once again, does a great job of keeping everything running . The parking is free, which is always nice. They offer some pretty neat shirts as well as select candy and beverages. I firmly believe this haunt is worth the price, the wait, and depending how far away you are from it, the drive. The drive was definitely worth it to me.




The Haunted House of Horrors is truly a tucked away, hidden gem. I had heard of the attraction but never much. I truly am glad I was able to come out and witness it for myself. This haunt is worth your time and drive. I do not say this lightly. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this haunt. The atmosphere is great, the people are a delight, and the haunt will give you a great fright. I plan to be returning to this haunt in the future. I suggest everyone else do the same.



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