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Imagine finding yourself driving to the middle of nowhere (Beulah, Alabama to be exact) just to get a good scare... well, that's exactly what I did! It consisted of 3 attractions. Finn's Funeral Home, The Village of the Dead, and Spinal Tap. Nuzzled in the middle of some woods, this attraction set the scenes easily with mother natures own moonlight and fog. I went on a Saturday night and it was packed! But, the lines moved at a fair pace, and each section took a nice amount of time to get through. The 1st area took about 20 minutes! The other 2 were 10 to 15 minutes each.


Somewhere down a dead end road that's riddled with creeps and creatures, a large structure sits. Lit up with eerie lighting, music, and TVs  displaying horror movies, a hearse and a few animatronics, this haunt is ready for action. Setting the mood for ultimate scares on the inside while you wait in line are soundtracks playing from old school and new horror films. Several (free)photo op stations sit alongside the wait area. The shadows in the upstairs windows were a nice touch... feeling like you are being watched at all times


I'm pretty impressed by the amount of actors involved in each area. You expect one, maybe 2, and then BAM another one shows up! Each character fit well with their existing scenes. I didn't notice any character breaks or premature "resets" of a scene. There were no let ups until everyone had passed through. Great job!


Costumes/makeup pretty much followed what you would expect in a village of the dead: zombie like makeup, torn/tattered clothing. The butcher style blood spatter on others clothing, and multiple masks. I enjoyed the masks though.. especially Ratman..

Trail experience/theming:

Each of the 3 experiences followed an inside/outside pattern.. you go inside find your way through, run out into a trail/woods area, then back inside for some more action. Playing on multiple fears such as fear of the dark, tight spaces, getting lost, and death/cemetery , there is alot going on. Themes seemed to change with each area, but it worked well. The jump scares were abundant, I can assure you.


The scenes follow old school haunted house/graveyard vibes and some crazy kitchen lady and butcher scenes and a few herding people spots. All of which I've seen before, but these guys brought it back to life by actors stepping up with their own creative ways of scaring people. Playing off each person in our groups responses, everyone was able to be involved.

Bang for your buck:

At $15 for each attraction, $30 for all 3, or if you're lucky and can get a printout of a coupon $25 for all 3, it was worth the dollar for your holla. Parking was only $1, so I won't complain. Concessions were set up with $1 drinks, and cheap snacks including boiled peanuts, nachos and corndogs!

Special effects/visual:

I didn't notice a lot of special effects, but the ones I did see were on point. Fog that wasn't overwhelming, a strobe area that didn't last too long, and several windows with shadow people set a really creepy  vibe. Sometimes less is more and the actors definitely did not hesitate in picking up the slack if you looked too relaxed walking through somewhere. So, I'd say the visual aspects of each area were amazing!

Is it scary:

According to my interpretation of screams coming from my group and others ahead of us, I'd say yes. Very scary. Jump screams and startles are everywhere.

Did I feel comfortable?

The website states masks to be worn. The signs posted state masks are strongly recommended. Social distancing is mandatory and marked off by little strips of tape on the banisters in line. Most people didn't seem too bothered by these rules and continued to have a good time within their circles. I wore a mask, and you should make your own decision on what's best for you of course.


secret rep score 1 = 7.7

secret rep score 2 = 8

secret rep score 3 = ?

Overall, I would suggest this to my most hard to scare friends. It is a fun environment that is growing each year. From customer service to the actors, everyone went above expectations. Go and check it out, you wont regret it!

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