Enroute to this haunt always gets to me, driving and driving because you are in the middle of no where then you see the lights and lines of cars from patrons going to the Haunted Hill Farm. Exiting the car hearing screams from patrons before me only heightened my excitement before I even entered the Haunted Hill Farm Compound Area.

Actors 9

With a crew of 60 this haunt has a lot of Actors to take. That being said the actors here know when and where to scare. Part of the Haunt is a trail and the actors come from every which direction. They hit you from the front sides and when your not looking the back. You can tell that these actors take passion in what they do best to make people freak out in the woods at night.

Theme/trail 9.1

Its basically what the haunt is called the Haunted Hill Farm. They take you on a epic journey on their farm stopping you along the way to see what creatures and crazy things you can see if your farm was haunted by the dead. What makes this haunt different from ones that I’ve been to in the past is it’s one part hay ride two part walking trail. With a few surprises along the way.

Atmosphere 10

The atmosphere at this haunt blows my mind away each year. The moment you arrive and enter the compound theirs a movie playing on a big screen. They have several roaming actors getting your juice flowing before you enter the haunt. As well as food and souvenir shop with and fortune teller on the second floor. If you get cold on these cold fall nights they have to fire pits with plenty of seating to stay warm

Costumes and Makeup 8.5

This haunt has got a ton better since my 1st year coming to review their haunt. They have upgrade on every level of their costumes and makeup. They are on par with several other big time haunts in the state. There is nothing that screams out that person is fake. They all were well makeup and well dressed in their costumes

Customer Service 10

This crew led by Becky is top notch with every aspect of customer service. It’s a family affair with a few friends rolled into the mix. The owner is always is always roaming the compound talking to patrons as well as her crew. I've never seen any of the guest get upset or rude while observing those working in the compound area or workers along the haunt.

Special Effects 8.7

This haunts special Effects are the woods surrounding you as you walk through the darkness with your mini lantern. Never better then a old fashion haunt bringing you into the woods not knowing where their going to get you next. They use some special Effects in areas and in those areas they are spot on with their using of it during the haunt. Just be warned they few surprises awaiting you in those areas in which they use their haunt magic.

Scary 9.1

This haunt has you walk through the woods with a dim mini lantern of course they are going to scare you. It’s for you to decide weather you know what way and when the scare is going to come from next. Just when you think you have it figured out the throw in a curve ball and you makes you mind freak yet again. While on both the trail and hay ride know they will get you just a matter of when and from where. Sometimes even from above.

Bang for your Buck 10

This place is well worth the price of admission. The price for the haunt is $20. From the moment I started the haunt to the moment it ended it was a 1hr and 5mins. It’s one of the longest if not the longest haunt of ever been to in my life. Between the trail, the hay ride and surprise second trail it made it well worth the price for admission and then some.


To see this haunt grow from a little small town haunt to what it is today is why I love doing reviews. This haunt is comparable to plenty of big time trail haunts and I can only see this haunt growing and getting better with age. If your in for a great trail and hay look no further. If you like walking in the woods in complete darkness the haunt is doing black out days on Nov. 1st and 2nd no lanterns just you and the darkness.



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