We are in full swing of the haunt tour and my path leads me to Heflin, Alabama to visit The Haunted Chicken House. Yes, you read that correctly. You won’t find your polished, elaborate type haunt here. This is the type of place that will make you question your sanity of haunts all together. This is an old fashion haunt and they simply are hard to find now days.  

As you’re coming down the highway you simply can’t miss it. Just look for the piled-up cars and the big yellow chicken.  Not to mention the most lit up area within 3 miles each direction. Pull into the parking lot and try to get as close as you can. Because on busy nights you will be hiking to the ticket booth. The parking is absolutely free, so don’t worry about trying to dig out your wallet as you pull in.  

*The Crazy Train was unfortunately closed due to mechanical issues. If that attraction is up and running. We advise you take advantage of the experience. That does nothing but increase “Is it Scurry?”, “Bang for your buck” and “Theme/Trail”. 

Atmosphere - 8.5 

This is a huge property and it’s well lit. You have Chicken Dan walking around with his wireless microphone making announcements and talking to all the guests. You have Boombo The Clown out front chasing people from one end to the property to the other. Get your photos within the cage. Check out some art. Buy some merchandise. Most haunts only sell snacks and a few things like that. Not at the HCH, it’s like a full menu! They promote being an old fashion haunt and that is exactly what this atmosphere presents. You can hang around at the tables or bring your ballpark chairs and just sit around and enjoy the crowd. It’s like a community get together outside of the attractions. It truly is a fun atmosphere. 



Special Effects – 7.56 

The HCH is an old fashion haunt. You won’t find elaborate special effects and animatronics here. They are able to keep alive that old school style of haunting; which is becoming a dying art. The one thing they do offer is great lighting in their scenes. They are able to really disorient you for the majority of your experience.  

The chicken house – 8.8 

 This experience you will definitely feel disoriented. Notable mentions, The Containment room, White out room, Clown Room. The lighting used in the school bus is absolutely great! The HCH knows light placement very well. It’s very effective and it absolutely brings certain scenes to life. 

Hayride - 8 

This is where you will find guns, fire and water. This experience is not something you get with a walk-though. It is a hayride and it’s more of a theatrical experience. It’s elaborate with built scenes throughout the field. You’ll encounter upside down vehicles, diesel trucks with fire coming out of them, barns, ambulances. As mentioned, this is a theatrical experience and you simply have to get on the wagon to truly see it for yourself. 

Psychopath- 5.9 

A long walk in the woods. This is mostly lighting throughout the trail. We did encounter a few scenes they were really well done. The Jason Voorhees scene was nicely done. But here you’ll find your average lighting and special effects. 



Customer Service – 10 

Chicken Dan, “Momma” and their entire crew thrive on being courteous to guests. It’s a small town and they truly have that community togetherness vibe to them. Even with trying to be scary, they are the definition of Southern Hospitality.  



Theme/Trail - 8.3 

Chicken House - 9 

This portion took us right around 33 minutes to complete. With all the twists and turns throughout this attraction; you truly get turned around and disoriented on which way to go. That isn’t anything that they’ve done wrong. It’s meant to be like that. We absolutely loved the old fashion vibe to this haunt. Tons and tons of practical effects and props which makes my old heart give them a round of applause. They don’t need all of those state-of-the-art effects to give you that good ol’ fashion experience. They stay true to their roots and I hope they never get away from it! 

Hayride – 8.9 

This portion took us roughly 30 minutes to complete. It’s a hayride, as mentioned above this is a theatrical experience. Something about hayrides that just make everything more entertaining. It allows the haunt to be really creative on what they want to do in the scenes. It gives the actors a chance to shine on their performances. HCH hayride is a very fun experience and you will catch some quality scares throughout. 

Psychopath- 7 

This one honestly is the attraction that lacked during our visit. We know they were short staffed upon arrival. This is where it was very obvious. The trail time for us was about a 25-minute walk through. During that time, we encountered maybe 8 actors total. It was a lot of walking with not much interaction. Once you get to the heart of the trail is when you encounter multiple actors. You will come face to face with a chainsaw, wrong ways, actor swinging from a rope. Once you get to those areas, the intensity starts to pick up. 



Costumes/Makeup - 7 

As mentioned, this is an old fashion haunt. You won’t find elaborate detailed costumes or makeup here. They come to scare you and put on a show! Simple as that! In certain scenes, some of the make-up and costuming is done very well, for instance, the dolls looked very detailed and realistic. You encountered quality masks within the clown room. Then in some cases you will find the cheaper quality masks and a few scaring while wearing crocs. For the most case, they dress the part in scenes to get the job done. 



Is it Scurry? 9.5 

This is where The Haunted Chicken House shines. To answer it simply, YES! Throughout the entire night all we heard was screams coming from within the chicken house. We heard screams coming from the hayride. As we walked through the main attraction; we could hear groups behind us and in front of us screaming throughout. With the actors timing and how they controlled their scenes, we know it would absolutely scare the average haunt goer. 

Can a hayride be scary? Absolutely it can be. The people on our ride were jumping out of their seats, falling on the bed of the wagon, crying for the driver to turn around. The actors have no boundaries when it comes to this moving tractor. They have zero problems jumping up on the railings and coming onboard. You want scary? Come to the haunted chicken house! 



Actors – 8.03 

The actors at HCH love what they do. They are there giving it their all every group. You can tell this haunt is very involved with the community and they welcome just about anyone to be involved with it. You will see kids getting in on the action throughout the haunt. Some of those kids can give seasoned actors a run for their money. But at the HCH you can tell the difference with the more experienced actors from the inexperienced. 

 Psychopath – 6.9 

They were more on the young side and the youth of the actors did come into play. As we were walking through; they did their job trying to scare us and put on a show. But they need to remember to stay in character and not have conversations with each other as patrons are close by. 

Hayride – 8.5 

You will find more of the experienced actors with this attraction. Each scene is set up to give you a show. The actors did a great job on their performances with interacting with patrons while on the wagon. We absolutely loved the clown barn. This high energy scene leaves your adrenaline pumping as the wagon pulls out. Definitely want to give a shout out to the two kids putting on a dance clinic during one of the scenes. They had patrons cheering them on and ended with a standing ovation.  The actors out in the hayride definitely will keep you on the edge of your seat during the entire ride. You never know where they will pop out at. 

Chicken House – 8.7 

This is where the main focus is when it comes to the most experienced actors. You will encounter so many different scenes and actors throughout. The majority of actors did a great job with their timing and controlling the scenes. The actors in the white fog room did an excellent job with using the strobes to their advantage, we did not see them unless they wanted to be seen. The energy in the clown room was phenomenal. They were swinging from the ceiling, crawling around on the floor. They even had a DJ in there spinning some records. The living dolls did a great job of making it so uncomfortable while walking through the scene. We noticed a few timing issues with a few. We caught one or two off guard as we entered their scene. They stayed in character which is great, but wasn’t expecting us. We heard a few say “Get out”, that was from the younger ones. But overall the actors in the chicken house put on a great show and they never let up while your group is in their scene.




Bang For your buck - 9 

YOU WILL SPEND YOUR ENTIRE NIGHT AT THE CHICKEN HOUSE. Not only because of the large crowds, but because of the time it takes to experience all 3 attractions. That alone is worth the price of admission. My advice, get there early or get that VIP ticket if going on a Saturday night. The wait time was over 3 hours while we were there. 3 attractions with a total of 88 minutes to complete them all. Yeah, that is worth the ticket price. 


1 ATTRACTION $15.00 

2 ATTRACTIONs  $25.00 

3 ATTRACTIONs  $40.00 

One Token used PER attraction! 

VIP Tickets $25.00 

(VIP allows you to advance to the front of the line) 



Overall - 

The Haunted Chicken House is an old fashion haunt just like they promote. I personally love the fact that they stick to their roots. They can scare with the best of them without having to rely on all that fancy stuff. Where they lack with quality costumes and detailed makeup and special effects. They make up for it with the quality scares, lengthy attractions and fun atmosphere! 

Be sure to get out to Heflin and check out this great haunt! If you don’t, Chicken Dan will find out about it! 



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