The final leg of my haunt tour brings me to The Fright Guys Harvest in Scottsboro, Alabama. After hearing so many positive things about them in 2018, I had to make this a must-see haunt for myself in 2019. 

As you arrive to Harvest you will see the giant metal sign on top of the building and as you pull around back. You can’t miss the massive Metal H on the steel black doors. Parking is slightly limited but it is free, so don’t complain too much! As you make your way into this massive building, you can’t help but to think, “What are we getting ourselves in to?” Knowing this is a full contact haunt and it’s a completely different style of haunt compared to the traditional ones out there. As you walk into the doors, be prepared to live out your own horror movie. 

Atmosphere - 8.7 

The Harvest set up is a very unique area for patrons to walk around and enjoy each other’s company as well as checking out some memorabilia. You can head into their theater area to help pass the time watching some old school movies. A lot of haunts have left behind the showing of movies out in their midway, Harvest keeps it alive and takes it a step further by giving you a true theater like experience with it. Another great thing about Harvest is that it’s all inside and you have plenty of room and you are free to roam around. You won’t find any que-lines here which is a huge plus. They keep the environment fun and upbeat with the music playing and dance club style lighting. You typically won’t find any roaming actors because everything is set up for your venture through Harvest. They don’t like to show their cards and I don’t blame them due to what you’re about to experience. 



Customer Service - 10 

Greg and Fairen absolutely love the guests who come out to Harvest. I don’t think I ever saw a time where they were not out front talking with people asking about their experience. They love what they do and they love the industry. They dedicate a weekend before the season begins for just haunters of the industry. They understand how tough it is for haunters to go out and enjoy other establishments. That is a very cool thing that they do and it definitely does not go unnoticed. 



Special Effects – 9 

Harvest does it different than most. You won’t find the extravagant animatronics or any plug and play elaborate sets bought from Transworld. They build everything themselves and everything they build is focused around their story. From the lighting to the walls the prop guns that are used throughout and even the music playing adds to the experience. Everything is perfectly placed to bring their story to life in each scene. It actually puts you right in the middle of the action and definitely gets your heart pumping. It’s a one of kind thing to witness. 



Costume/Makeup -10 

Harvest is truly nothing more than a massive story and what you require to bring that story to life is obviously actors, but the costuming to make those actors believable. Every character’s costume fit their roles to perfection. I did not encounter one actor where I felt, “That didn’t fit in with the theme or scene.” Each character plays an important role and they look exactly how they promote in the trailers. It’s not all about the elaborate detailed makeup and costumes when it comes to a haunt. It’s about what the haunt promotes and how they portray it. Harvest does it to perfection. As mentioned in the opening summary, Harvest isn’t your typical haunted house. 



Theme/Trail - 10 

The theme is by far the best I’ve ever experienced. The story is brought to life right before your eyes. You are actually apart of the story and get to experience it first-hand. It’s not about “pop out scares” or “startle scares” here. It’s about scaring you just like a good old fashion horror movie does. It’s to get your adrenaline pumping and building up anticipation with each scene. At Harvest, you are literally experiencing a live action horror movie as the story unfolds. Our tour lasted around 45 minutes and it could be a longer experience depending on what type of group you are with. You will encounter many villains of Harvest and your only hope of surviving is having to work with your group and the security officers who are trying to keep you safe. You have to crawl through police cars, vans, secret pathways to escape the monsters of Harvest. Another thing I want to put a spotlight on is their elevator. One of the most realistic elevator scenes in a haunt that I’ve ever experienced. Nothing gets your heart pumping while having to run into an elevator and the officer's sliding this huge metal door in the face of the villains so we can make our escape. Hands down Harvest offers the ultimate experience when it comes to living out your own horror movie. 



Is it Scurry? 9.5 

Scary? Has multiple great moments! Does it build up the anticipation? Absolutely! Adrenaline rush? You better believe it! As mentioned, Harvest doesn’t offer up the traditional pop and scare or random characters and scenes. Their goal is to put you right in the middle of a story and scare you like a good old fashion horror movie. It’s hard to scare or terrify me while going through a haunt. What Harvest did to me was build up my heart rate and get my adrenaline pumping. As I was going from scene to scene running with my group and helping actors do certain things. I simply forgot that I was a patron and I felt a part of the story. That is how well Harvest immerses guests into their script. 

If you go to Harvest and you don’t get scared, I can assure you that you will come out with a huge smile on your face knowing they got your blood pumping. You will grow a new appreciation for what Harvest has achieved by taking the risk to give you something different that traditional haunts do not offer. 



Actors - 10 

Harvest offers a different style of haunters. This crew is very theatrical with their roles. Every character follows their script to perfection and makes the performance believable. They are quick on their feet for moments where they have to think on the fly while dealing with unpredictable patrons. They have to quickly improv certain situations when patrons want to add their own two cents into the equation. This crew loves this haunt and they love the fact they know they are a part of something that gives a completely different experience to haunt goers. They believe in and trust Greg's vision and they bring it to life with every performance. Harvest offers some of the most talented actors I’ve seen at a haunt. Not only are they haunters, I won’t be shocked if you see some of these individuals in movies in the near future. 



Bang for your buck – 10 

Regular tickets are $18 and VIP tickets are $28. For that you get at minimum a 40-minute experience. Harvest offers realism to their tour as in it is a full contact haunt. No, they will not punch or body slam you into a coffee table. They will not pull your teeth out nor will they cut your hair. You do however have to sign a waiver prior to entering the experience. I highly suggest you upgrade to the VIP due to the more frequent interaction you will receive. It puts you more into the story and makes you feel more immersed with what's going on. There are situations where a Harvest villain will grab you by the shirt or throat (Professionally) and then try to take you off only to be rescued at the last second by one of the heroes. The whole goal with Harvest is to create realism and the only way to truly do that is become a full contact haunt. It is done as professionally as they can possible do it. I was grabbed by the throat once or twice and it did not hurt at all. It wasn’t done in a way where it created pain or discomfort. What it did do was get my heart pumping and put my mindset right in the thick of things. Harvest is 100% worth the price of admission. I say it’s worth two tickets because I’m sure you won’t get the same experience twice. 




Harvest truly is a one of kind haunt experience. With an industry filled with the traditional style of haunting, Harvest gives the fans something different. If you are a fan of horror movies, Harvest is the place to be to put yourself right in the middle of your very own horror script. The actors do an unbelievable job with bringing realism to your experience as well with the special effects that does nothing but amp up your heart rate. You can’t compare Harvest to other haunts because it is so different.  

If I were in charge of marketing for Harvest, my tagline for them would be. “Lived any good haunts lately?”  

For you horror fans out there, that is a nod to John Carpenters In The Mouth Of Madness. 

You want a unique haunt experience? You better get to Harvest before they fade the season to black and roll the credits! 



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