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My first planned Scurryface Review stop this season was Fright Guys: Harvest. Harvest is located just off Highway 35 in historic Downtown Scottsboro, AL, at 302 West Willow Street. There’s plenty of free parking right next to the railroad tracks, which adds to the spookiness. I would certainly suggest planning a full afternoon of your trip, as the views of the Tennessee River and Guntersville Lake in the fall are very nice, and there are plenty of pretty tasty restaurants in the area to visit before your trip to the haunt.


Harvest offers a very unique experience that pulls together what one would typically expect at a haunt and a night at a dinner theatre. The whole journey throughout is scripted, with lead and supporting characters, and is very interactive. I truly enjoyed the experience, and the concept was very refreshing.


Patrons are offered a standard or VIP experience. One should be aware that this is a full contact haunt, especially if the VIP tickets are purchased. Expect to be tussled quite a bit if a glow stick necklace is worn. I was able to obtain a pretty gnarly bruise after my time with the crazies inside the halls of Harvest Insanitarium, but I understand such things are par for the course as a veteran. Plus, I made sure to act up as their victim, which I’m sure contributed to my collateral damage. However, it must be mentioned that if you intend to purchase the VIP tickets, expect to sign a waiver at the front, and do not enter looking for a fight



Harvest does have a “midway”. Because of the way tickets are sold and pretty significant wait times depending on show times, Harvest offers a very large movie theatre that is separated from the main lobby that is set up like a real cinema. There is a gift shop with memorabilia and merch. They have real working restrooms for guests. There are a couple of arcade games available, and concessions are sold at the ticket stand. You can wait inside or outside. There isn’t very much in the way of special effects, save for some decent lighting, but the accommodations are sufficient to balance it all out.

Costumes and Makeup 


The costumes and makeup at Harvest are very well executed. Because this haunt is put on in a scripted fashion, many of the actors were dressed in role specific costumes. And these costumes all had matching details related to the story, such as identification patches and uniforms.They utilize unique masks that are well designed and crafted. Because of this attention to detail, Harvest really delivers on a visually pleasing cast.



The actors at Harvest are incredible. Upon entering the trail, guests are treated to an expositional film that helps set up the rest of the experience and introduces the main characters, who will be guiding the group through the haunt. The film has a nostalgic, B-movie, horror film

quality that is absolutely one of my favorite Halloween season tropes. The actors then put on a show, immersing visitors into the movie itself. Every scene is acted incredibly well. There’s even some fight choreography. And the cast really seem to enjoy when their audience joins in on the act.

Trail Experience/ Theme 


Harvest does stay on theme throughout their haunt. Because the attraction has dedicated the entire experience to one location, an asylum, there isn’t much need to focus on segues between scenes. However, because of this, I sometimes had a hard time distinguishing what each scene represented. I couldn’t tell at certain points if i was in an exam room or just a place where bodies were being stored. I personally feel a little more attention to making the rooms more recognizable could help in this regard.

Special Effects 


I was informed by the owners that they had a very limited amount of time to build and set up their haunt. Unfortunately, that lack of time does seem to have cut in on their ability to produce a haunt with a big special effects presence. As a big set design nerd myself, this was just a little bit of a let down. They rely very heavily on dim lighting, and I noticed a repeating motif of bloody hand prints and dripping wall paint. What special effects they do have, though, are very well done, especially the elevator sequence

Originality/ Creativity 


Harvest produces a show that sets a new precedent in how haunts are operated. In my eleven years of being part of the haunt industry, I’ve never been through a haunt like theirs. They’ve developed a theatrical element that I feel many haunts are lacking. They manage to make a scripted show still be scary and entertaining.

Is it Scary? 


Yes. And Harvest is so much fun. They don’t abuse arbitrary jump scares, and actually have several interactions that build up in intensity before finally delivering a punch of terror. I spent most of my time there checking over my shoulder, which is something I’ve never had to do before in a haunt

Bang for Your Buck 


Tickets for Harvest are $22 for standard, and $32 for VIP. For an hour long walk through, and such an interactive and well performed haunt, I personally feel guests are receiving a fair deal for the price.

Did I feel comfortable?


 The entire cast and staff do wear masks. However, they do not require their visitors to wear masks, and there are several scenes where social distancing is just not an option. I did feel uncomfortable in one very close quartered room where another patron decided a very heavy sigh needed to be spat on to my arm. Depending on your comfort level, you'll need to make your own decision on wearing a mask.


Overall Decision 

secret rep score 1 - 9

secret rep score 2 - 9.1

secret rep score 3 - 9.5


Harvest is a wonderfully unique and actually scary haunt. Their focus on their story and talented actors really deliver on building up a terrifying and fun experience. I really enjoyed it and highly suggest you check it out!

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