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*PLEASE NOTE* If You Are Planning On Attending A Haunted Attraction

Expect long lines at ALL haunts this season. People are coming out in droves and there isn’t anything that any haunted attraction can do about the long waiting times. Please don’t take your frustration out by leaving bad reviews, or making it painful for others waiting in line because they have to hear your excessive complaining.



Saturday, OCT 3rd, 2020

Our final stop on our Ohio trip brought us a little over an hour NW of Columbus OH, out in the boonies just outside of Lima, OH. We love visiting haunts that we know little about and Hammer Brothers Haunted Circus was just such a place, so we were quite eager to see what they were all about. There are 3 attractions available for 2020, The Homestead (an indoor attraction), The Haunted Cornfield ( an outdoor attraction with several small buildings incorporated into the trail), and the Zombie Paintball Wagon Ride (which we did not do).


Hammer Bros is located on a vast farmland property (over 120 acres we were told). The parking area is quite large and the ticket booth is located near the edge of the lot and easy to find. The queue line area is completely covered, so you won’t need to worry about standing in the rain. It has a festive party/club vibe to it, complete with a sound system, lighting effects, and even a bubble machine. There is a large fire pit to warm yourself on cold nights and some tasty food options as well. We thought the pre-haunt atmosphere was a fun and lively scene that helped to get us amped up for the attractions.

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Costume Makeup

We thought the majority of the characters looked complete and professionally put together. We saw more characters with makeup applications than we did mask wearers. All and all the costuming and makeup were well done, though we didn't see too many elaborate costumes


The cast here was one of the highlights of our visit. They were a fun, energetic, and interactive bunch that was void of any bad performances. Our favorite actors were the characters who made us "get in the cellar" in one of the buildings in the corn maze, the Doctor in the laboratory, and the clown who shows us a “magic trick”. All and all the cast as a whole did a great job!

Trail Experience / Theming

The Homestead had a laboratory theme and is completely indoors. There were a lot of unique interactive scenes, including one of us getting a CAT scan, and another where my review partner pulled a bloody baby out of the stomach of a dead woman!

The Haunted CornMaze was not really a maze, but an outdoor trail through a tall cornfield with several small structures incorporated throughout. Another highly interactive attraction, we really enjoyed the indoor and outdoor combination of scenes

This haunt uses an actual storyline that is incorporated throughout both attractions. The story is that of a corn virus that came about through toxic agricultural chemicals that were used on the crops in the area. Many of the characters you'll come across have been infected by the virus and contamination is evident in many different scenes.

Bang For Your Buck

We took advantage of an early-season special when purchasing our tickets, so our general admission tickets were only $24 total for both the Homestead and Haunted Corn Maze attractions. Our tour through The Homestead took 12 minutes, while our time in the Haunted Corn Maze lasted 16 minutes, for a total of 28 minutes of entertainment, for $24. That equates to 1.17 minutes of entertainment per dollar spent which is just above our Bang For Your Buck gold standard of 1 minute per dollar spent. The attractions are currently priced at $15 per attraction and the Zombie Paintball wagon is $20. There are also a limited number of combo tickets priced at $45 for all 3 attractions. Even with the current price of $15 per attraction this place offers excellent value. For comparison, we have gone to a number of haunts this year that cost $25 and only lasted 15 minutes or less.



The scenes were nicely detailed and expertly enhanced with sound and lighting effects. We didn’t come across one single animatronic, which is extremely rare for a haunted attraction these days. To us, the lack of any animatronics made the experience much more realistic and immersive, which is our favorite visual aspect about Hammer Bros...it looks and feels real!

Was It Scary?

Yes indeed. We opted for the "full-contact experience" which is available as an upgrade at the ticket booth. With this optional upgrade, patrons can expect to become part of the show.

We don't want to give away too much, but we will say that we were made to do things, had different substances sprayed, smeared, and doused on us, and had to crawl through a tiny cellar, and much more. Of the two attractions, we thought the corn maze was quite a bit scarier. One of the more intense scenes took place along the trail outside in the corn maze in an area where we had to navigate around what appeared to be dead bodies on the ground, with strobe lights at every turn making things very disorienting. At one point we had no choice but to walk on top of the bodies and were so focused on where we were walking, that it left us vulnerable for a couple of good startles scares by the actors. Another standout for fear factor was when we were made to go down into a tiny cellar, and crawl around in the dark to find our way out.

Did I Feel Safe?

Yes. Face Masks are encouraged, however they are not enforced. We noticed many people in the queue line that were not wearing masks, which is something to consider if this concerns you.

Originality/ Creativity

This is a highly interactive, theatrical experience which is a rarity in the industry. These guys think "outside the box", which creates a truly unique experience for patrons and we applaud them for it!


So far this season, this has been the most fun we’ve had at any attraction, as we absolutely loved the interaction with the actors and the originality of the show. Now in their 6th season, Hammer Brothers Haunted Circus is a unique, highly interactive multi-attraction haunt that makes for a perfect choice for a full evening of spooky fun. Those of you who enjoy interacting with actors and who like their haunts more theatrical will most likely love this haunt. There is certainly nothing quite like it in the area! We are already planning a return trip for 2021.