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Face your Fears hotel of Terror, is located in the outskirts of Springfield OH, about 20 minutes NE of Dayton. This place had been on our haunt radar for a few years now, because of all the positive reviews we've read the past several years. So we made the 4 ½ drive from Grand Rapids, MI to kick-off trip #3 of our 2020 Haunt Tour last Friday, Oct 2.


FYF is housed in an old historic farmhouse circa 1850, that had been abandoned since 1940 until this haunt made it it’s home in 2012. Additions have been added to the original structure over the years adding new scares and lengthening the trip. Parking is in a large grass lot for $2 with the proceeds going to help raise funds for local non-profit. The grounds where the attraction is located is complete with a full midway that includes a Ferris wheel, several other carnival rides, food concessions, a large fire pit, music playing on a sound system, and much more! We give this place very high marks for going all out in creating a festive atmosphere that really helped to increase our excitement for our journey to come.


Costume Makeup

We thought the makeup and costuming were very well done. The characters looked complete and professionally created. The makeup applications were creative and quite detailed. The costumes and masks looked to be of high quality and fit their character’s role quite well. We feel that FYF went the extra mile in this category and would like to commend them on a job well done.


Our favorite aspect of the cast was that there weren't any weak links whatsoever. Every actor we encountered was at least solid and the majority were very good. Our favorites of the night were; the actors in the bar scene, the werewolf, the clown, and the actors who chased us to the bridge. The entire cast did such a good job, they displayed enthusiasm and confidence. The majority of the cast interacted with us for an extended time and followed us throughout their scene, instead of just popping out for a quick scare and resetting. It’s rare we encounter a cast with such consistently good performances across the board. Excellent job you guys!

Trail Experience / Theming

The layout of this haunt is unique because it's housed in a mid-19th-century farmhouse with several additions that have been added over the last 8 years since the attraction first opened. Our walkthrough had us going up/ down several flights of stairs, exploring different floors within the building, venturing outside, over a bridge, and through unique passageways. I can't tell you how much we appreciate a haunt that has a unique build like FYF. It adds so much originality and realism to the experience that you just don't get with a one-floor square maze in a minimall or warehouse. The scenes felt cohesive and for the most part, followed the theme of a haunted hotel.

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Bang For Your Buck

General admission tickets are $20 and our tour lasted 16 minutes which gives us a Minutes of Entertainment Per Dollar Spent score of 0.8. We'd like to see that hit the gold standard of 1.0, but you do get such a high level of entertainment, that we feel it's still quite a good value for your money. Besides most haunts are charging more than $20 these days.


This haunt did a wonderful job of creating a very realistic walkthrough experience. Everything looked great and it felt like we exploring a real historic haunted hotel, rather than a series of random scenes that we get at many haunts. The sets were, for the most part, beautifully detailed, with excellent sound effects and lighting. There wasn’t an overabundance of animatronics, and the ones they utilized were great and perfectly incorporated into the scene without taking away that sense of realism.

Was It Scary?


YES! So far this is the scariest haunt we’ve been to this year and although there are 4-5 weekends left in the season, we feel confident in saying that these guys will be in the running for the scariest haunt of 2020! We were constantly bombarded with different scare techniques, most of which were quite successful. The scares were unpredictable and in many cases, perfectly timed. There was one elaborate, beautifully orchestrated scare that really got me good and was so much fun. I can’t go into detail or it would totally ruin it for those that haven’t been, but I will say that it’s probably the best and most innovative scare that I’ve experienced in the last 5 years, and that’s saying a lot for someone that regularly goes to 30-40 haunted attractions a year. Face Your Fears should be high on anyone’s list that enjoys a truly scary attraction.

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Did I Feel Safe?

Yes. Masks were required inside the haunt and the queue line was set up to implement social distancing.

Originality/ Creativity

Although the theme of a “haunted hotel” is hardly an original concept, the look of the majority of the scenes and the design of the haunt definitely had a uniqueness about it. Creativity was in abundance at FYF. From the actual design of the walkthrough to the look of the sets and uniqueness of the scares, this place is obviously created by folks who have a lot of passion and talent for what they do.


We were very impressed with our first visit to Face Your Fears Hotel Of Terror. This haunt has the whole package, beautifully designed sets, great SFX, a wonderful cast, and amazing scares! This is most definitely a 2020 “Must See” haunted house!