In historic downtown Dothan, AL. lies Frightmares. Frightmares is family owned and operated. This house was built in 1904 when it was Henry County, not Houston County as it has been as far back as I can remember. There is actually little known about the history of the house. It was originally a single-family dwelling and from there has been numerous types of businesses. They have had Paranormal Investigators at the house on several occasions. This house is believed to be haunted. Even the people who work there all have some ghostly stories of their own of different experiences they’ve had. While we were there, you could see motion detectors going off on the camera and absolutely NO ONE in the room. Pretty exciting.

Actors: 8.5

They didn’t have a TON of actors, but the ones they did have were on point and they had enough actors to match the rooms they had there. We noticed a few new ones this year. They all did an absolutely amazing job. There was a little girl in the first room we were in when they were explaining the rules. We were talking about the haunt and the owners and she didn’t break character not once. She pointed her little finger as if to say “I want YOU” and tilted her head and even when we TRIED to ask her questions, she never once broke!

Atmosphere: 7.5

They have creepy music playing outside with different lighting. They offer porta potties as well if you need to take a bathroom break. There was no concession stand or characters roaming the premises, but there are little stores close by if you need to break a drink and a snack with you. Inside the lobby where you purchase tickets, they have some cool pictures and spooky figurines. There are even masks that one of the owners, Kevin, actually HAND MAND! Super cool!

Theme/Trail: 9

This is one of the only ones I’ve personally been to that have the layout like they do. Before you enter the house, you’re in a room where they give you a little talk about the house and the rules and they warn you to use your senses. You enter the haunt in pitch dark! You literally have to feel your way through the house. You never realize how scary it is without your sense of sight! They do have lit up areas throughout the house with themes/characters. Just a heads up, make sure you know who all is in your group… throughout the house, you may find more people are added to your group, CREEPY!!!

Costumes/Makeup: 7.9

The costumes and makeup that I did actually get to see were pretty good. We would have loved to see more people roaming the front/back, I think it would be an added bonus to get to see some of them in the light, so to speak. I counted I think 10 – could have been more – my screams distracted me at times—But all the ones I did see were spot on for what you were trying to accomplish

Special Effects: 8.5

Although there wasn’t a whole bunch of special effects, it all just worked well. From the feeling your way in the dark, to getting to see a lighted up room with the actors in there, to pitch dark again… although it’s hard to put into words and describe. The feeling and pure terror in some parts was such an adrenaline rush! The added walk way that led to the outside area was well done too. We didn’t remember that being there before, but was a nice added on touch. There was a little bit of a technical difficulty with one of the props for the character but while we were paying attention to the character and his issue, we were blindsided with another one we didn’t realize was there so we still got the final scare in.

Customer Service: 10

Everyone was SUPER friendly! We actually got there pretty early this year, so we had the chance to speak with the owners and wives. All down to earth, good, hard working people. They even stopped us when we were leaving to check with us to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. We absolutely did! Thank you all for taking the time to speak with us. We know it may have made you rush through the getting dressed process, but we always enjoy getting to see who is behind the scenes, making this so special for so many people!

Bang for your Buck: 9.5

They offer only general admission tickets for $13, no fast pass offered at this time. They take your group in where you get to experience it all without running into another group. It’s just you, the darkness, and your pounding heartbeat. Absolutely worth the money and although there could be a little bit of a wait at times, depending on when you get there, I think it’s worth it. The uniqueness in itself is worth it all. The house itself is about 15-25 minutes depending on how fast you walk through.

Is it scary: 9

Imagine walking through a possibly REAL haunted house using only your sense of touch and smell most of the way. You start to panic, you start imagining things in your mind, your mind starts playing tricks on you…. you try to guess where the jumps and scares will be, but there’s absolutely no way of knowing and when you think you know when it’s coming, trust me… YOU’RE WRONG!! It’s such a thrill and such a

rush. After you realize you made it out of the house and made it out ALIVE, nothing but smiles and laughs coming through the exit!


This haunt is like no other we’ve been to. Although it’s not as big as we’ve been to, it still remains one of our favorites. We spoke with the owners who says they are changing more and more and adding more and more as they can. They were closed last year due to repairs, but was worth the wait. They also told us they are going to keep adding and keep changing it up as well. If you’re an hour or two away, it’s absolutely worth the drive. They open at 8pm, but Dothan has plenty to keep you busy in the meantime. From bars for singles or couples, to movies, skating and bowling for families. Come check out Frightmares in Dothan, AL.



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