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We started our haunt tour off at Frightmares in Dothan, AL. Frightmares is located down a back road near “old town” Dothan by the courthouse. I feel like this place is a hidden gem. You don’t really know it’s there unless you happen to go down the back road of S. Foster Street and see this Creepy, Dark house- with a few red lights on the house and a sign that is lit up that says “Frightmares.” We’ve heard stories from the owners and workers of real haunts happening here and just from the looks of this place, I believe it. Even looking at it in broad daylight gives me the creeps.


The hospitality of these people is out of this world. Not just to me, but every one who came. They are super friendly, speak to everyone… really make you feel wanted. I always enjoy getting there early and getting to catch up with the owners and workers. It’s really dark out there, but it that much more creepy.

There was a pregnant girl out there and she was talking to her friends about how her feet were starting to swell standing on them- security didn’t hesitate- he took her behind the line where there were places to sit and he had her sit down and then asked if she was ok or needed anything. Good people.

They had a porta potty out there for customer use and something different this year, they built a concession stand. The owner told me since I docked him last year for not having one, he made sure to build one for this haunt season. Although I didn’t get a chance to try and of the food- I asked a couple of customers and was told “this is the best pulled pork in the county.”

No characters were roaming around but still, props to them for stepping up their game this year.



As I’ve said in past years, this is a haunt like no other I’ve experienced. The house is so dark in areas, you have to feel your way through. They take your sense of sight away – and let me tell you… when you’re feeling your way through the hallways, it really makes your heart pound. This was the first year I was actually in the FRONT and although I was trying to play it cool… I could hear my own heart pounding and getting annoyed by screams- that turned out to be my own.

You go through what seems like an eternity feeling your way in the dark, to see a “light at the end of the tunnel” which just happens to be a lit-up room with plenty of scares. Be careful who you run into in the dark. Freddy, Saw, 13 stories, Michael Myers, there’s spooks and scares around every corner. I was told by the staff on Saturday night that they actually were very short staffed that evening, but to be honest, I couldn’t tell. It was just enough for me. Just when I think we’re in the clear, they get us again. There’s many narrow hallways, followed by a huge decline which leads you to a maze outside. Very nicely done guys!


First let me start by saying- it’s a family owned business and a BUNCH of family/friends work this haunt. While we were waiting outside, there was a cute little girl that was running around, friendly as can be- talking to everyone. She was in the “Waiting” room so to speak and the way she flipped into this character not saying a word- even when spoken to- was amazing. This little girl has a bright future in the haunt business.

From what we could see- the characters make-up/costumes were really good! Everyone was dressed head to toe as the character they were playing. Even when some of the characters couldn’t HEAR us coming, they were still ready to go- never once breaking.


Actors of all ages in this haunt. From little kids to grown ups and they all did a wonderful job. It’s so great how before they opened for the night, we were all out there laughing and joking and having a great time, then all seriousness comes alive when it’s “showtime” --- I couldn’t even tell you who was who inside because they all did so wonderful. We always hang out a little before we leave to hear the screams coming from other Patrons inside the house. You can always tell what a great time it is when people leave there smiling and laughing from how ridiculous they felt screaming and crying… I should know, I was the first guilty party this night.

Special Effects/Visual:

Although they didn’t have a huge amount of special effects, they didn’t need it. The ones we did see when we got to a lighted area was great. If you seen Freddy, you got the music, the boiler room, the fog, even the scratching of his glove. For each room or “lighted area” had everything you wanted and more

Bang for your buck:

Adults are $15 / 12 & under, military and first responders are $12 per person. I think for the price you’re getting a good deal. It can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes to get through the house- depending how quickly you walk and stop. They have kept the pricing pretty much the same from year to year. Even with the add-on’s they’ve done this year and the repairs, they still didn’t jump up in pricing.


Is it Scurry:

As I said before- imagine taking your sense of sight away- feeling though dark, haunted hallways, never knowing when something was in front of you, beside you, or creeping up behind you. It was a blast --- but only once you’ve made it through the house, to realize it’s all just part of it. I’m determined if I was in a real scary movie, I’d probably be the first to get killed.


I’ve never seen any other haunt like this. They score pretty good on this level. The storyline was creative, the rooms were creative, even the outside was creative.

Did I feel comfortable:

Although they let us know that masks were optional and they weren’t enforcing them, it went without saying that everyone attending this haunt kept their groups social distanced from other groups. They put you in the house with JUST your group due to COVID, so no worries about strangers touching and breathing down your neck.

Haunt Change:

The haunt was a little different that the years prior, although they kept some of the good ones in there. The outside maze was different, some of the rooms were different and building their in-house concession stand was a huge improvement this year.


secret rep score 1 = 8.7

secret rep score 2 = 8.5

secret rep score 3 = 8.8

Overall, I love this haunt. I’m hoping that others get to stop by and enjoy this haunt as well, especially if you’ve never been before. There were patrons of all ages, however, some of the younger ones had to keep getting reassurance from their parents that this was JUST dress up and NOT real. Always a great time with a great group of people who run it. If you’re a few hours away, I recommend coming to see them. You won’t be disappointed.

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