After 12 months of waiting the wait is finally over!  To start this haunt season I decided to stop at Forklore. Seeing all the ads for this haunt only heightened my expectations as we pulled into the parking lot to see what the haunt had to offer .

Actors = 8

They had two actors roaming free on the grounds of the haunt scaring those in line and people walking up to the haunt. Each of the two actors would gladly take pictures with patrons never breaking character. There was a mixture of well seasoned actors as well as newer actors to this amazing industry who will only develop more as the season goes on.


Theme/Trail = 9.5

They have 3 different attractions available for your entertainment. “The Manor” which is a mansion style haunt filled with rooms and wide variety of ways to scare you. “The Asylum” which is a mental hospital full of patients and surprises. Lastly is the “Chromophobia” attraction which is a 3D black light haunt where the walls and characters come to life in a very special and unique fashion.


Atmosphere = 9.2

The atmosphere when I arrived at the haunt was a little on the slow and relaxed side aside from the two roaming actors scaring random patrons. They had yet to get all of their haunt extras up and running for the year due to me coming to the haunt so early in their season. Had I arrived a couple of weeks later I’m sure everything would have been running full speed. You can clearly see that this is a haunt when you approach from the road from the spot lights as well as a Herse parked out front. There is no mistaking this for anything other than a haunted attraction. They also offer snacks and Folklore merchandise on site for you to enjoy or purchase while you are waiting.


Costumes/Makeup = 9.5

The costuming and makeup departments both did a phenomenal job at this attraction! All of their actors at the haunt had make-up that was very well done and their costumes looked phenomenal making you feel that the actors at the haunt are truly real and out to get you. I did not see a single main stream or “Spirit” character in the haunt at all. Very well done!


Customer Service = 10

I was told that this is one of only a couple haunts that  is ADA compliant and welcomed wheelchair bound customers to enter the haunt. They are also big on supporting both Active Duty Military as well as Military Veterans along with people who have disabilities. Their staff is very approachable and take the time to talk to most if not all patrons while they wait their turn to enter the haunts. Their ticket booth employee was exceptionally kind greeting us when we arrived to the haunt.


Special Effects = 9.6

Each scene is decorated very well and is highly detailed. They have the correct lighting and just the right amount of fog. Each actor fits the scene in which they are playing making it feel more realistic. Their animatronic selections are over the top and very well timed from what I've seen in a lot of haunts on my tours. 


Is it Scary?  8.4

In the haunt you are always on edge not knowing which way the scare was going to come from next. They do very well working the groups from all directions. There were a couple areas where there were no actors or animatronics. In these areas you were anxiously waiting for someone or something to pop out at you and give you a scare keeping you on edge. Some of the actors didn’t have their scares quite on time yet but with it being the beginning the season it was to be expected. As the season goes on the actors will certainly find their timing and be more precise with the groups! 


Bang for your Buck = 8.7

The main haunts are $18 each (Manor and Asylum). The “Chromaphobia” attraction is another $8. If you decide to do all 3 the total price is $27. They will also allow you to attempt the “last ride” which will cost you another $5. After timing each of the haunts and it added to roughly 20-25mins. Finally they also offer the RIP Ticket that offers a head of line fast pass to the front of each haunt.



As mentioned before, I came to this attraction early in the season. Had the schedules allowed and had I arrived a couple of weeks later I know the haunt would have been running full speed! I still had a ton of fun going through all 3 haunts. As I was leaving I couldn’t help but ask myself if I would have received more of an adrenaline rush and got my heart pumping more if they had already been a couple of weeks into their season and everything was greased up and running smooth!  I have absolutely no doubt that the actors and crew will work out the minor timing issues and kinks and they will get tons of scares and experience this season. I will continue to wonder if they would have given me more of a scare! Go find out for me! 



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