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Onto my first stop for the 2020 season I decided on Fear Farm in Blacksburg SC. South Carolina haunts have a lot of tough competition and I couldn’t wait to see what Fear Farm had to bring to the table as I have only heard great things about them. The haunt location was extremely easy to find. It was only a couple turns off of the interstate and they had plenty of signage out to lead the way. When we arrived, we were directed by parking attendants who quickly had us parked and on our way. Parking was free! We arrived early in the night so the crowds were minimal. The first thing we saw was the gift shop where they directed us down a wooded path that soon opened up into a midway where we were greeted by friendly staff and the creatures of the night lurking around us. We quickly went to purchase our tickets which were reasonably priced and then we were off to explore the midway.

The Atmosphere

 The atmosphere at Fear Farm had a great carnival like vibe with games, concessions, DJ booth, photo ops, facades and plenty of lurkers sneaking up behind you. It really had a high energy, exciting, fun feel to it. . You could hear the screams coming from the woods surrounding the midway. There were a few covered areas but most of the midway was open. There was plenty of signage encouraging social distancing and masks. They kept the crowd controlled by using a time slot system. I thought this was a fantastic idea because it gives customers the option to pick their time slot so they don’t spend a long amount of time waiting which makes a happy customer as well as great for crowd control. Once our time slot was announced we proceeded to the entrance which they had set up very nice and organized with plenty of staff directing you. Our total wait time after purchasing tickets was only about 15 mins but again this was early in the night.

Costume/ Makeup

 The costuming and makeup at Fear Farm was very nicely done. There was nothing overly extravagant but very fitting for their scenes. They had a good variety of everything. There was a good mix of nice silicone masks, regular latex masks and well done makeup. I saw a lot of creative and original characters along with the basics that you expect to see at every haunt.


 The actors at Fear Farm were some of the best I’ve seen. They do a fantastic job at staying in character and being interactive but not overkill. They give you that perfect medium. They were not low energy but not in your face high energy either. They stayed very true to their characters and their scenes. They get their scare's, interact briefly and reset for their next scares. I really thought they did a great job at the characters they were portraying.

Trail experience and Theming

 Fear Farm had 4 attractions, all with separate themes. Its started with the Abyss which was a total blackout maze that you had to navigate your way through with monsters lurking in the darkness, making you unsure of which dark corner they would be coming from next. It definitely was a very unsettling but fun experience. After the Abyss, we made our way to the mine shaft. The miner that greeted us was quite comical and creepy at the same time, he was probably one of my favorites. Which I am a sucker for characters that can bring a little humor into their creepiness and pull it off well. The mine shaft was well done with all the sounds, smells and visuals that a mine shaft should have. After the mine shaft we entered into the Experiment which was a hospital, insane asylum theme which was also nicely done. The actors in the experiment really stood out to me the most. They definitely brought their A game. After exiting the experiment we entered the last attraction which was the Farm House. It was also great, very interactive and the scenes transitioned nicely making you feel like you were in a legit creepy old farm-house. Overall it was hard to choose a favorite attraction. I really enjoyed them all.

Bang for your Buck

Fear Farm was very reasonably priced for the experience that comes with it. The whole show lasted about 25 to 30 minutes. Tickets prices are $22.00 for General Admission, $13.00 for children or you can get a Ultimate VIP Pass that includes skipping the line and a free t shirt for $43.00. So yes all in all it’s a great BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

SFX / Visuals

Fear Farm does a great job at tingling all the senses with sounds, smells, lighting, and visuals. They also had a few animatronics and pneumatics that added a good balance with the scenes and live actors. They definitely know how to create to make you feel fully submerged in that scene.

Is It Scary?

Yes! As a long time haunter, I am not easily frightened. There were multiple spots throughout the haunt that got some good jump scares out of me as well as the consistency of special lighting effects, air blasts and sounds to keep you on your toes.

Originality / Creativity

 Fear Farm was one of a kind but still kept the traditional haunt feel as well. They had a good balance of creativity and originality along with what you would expect to see in most haunted houses. They had ordinary haunt themes but were able to put their own spin and creativity into each themed attraction that made it their own.

Did you feel comfortable?

Yes I felt very safe and comfortable at Fear Farm. They took social distancing very seriously and had it set up nicely to keep the crowds under control and not piled up on top of each other. They were also extremely organized with friendly and helpful staff directing you along your way so you never felt unsure of where to go.


 I thoroughly enjoyed Fear Farm and will most definitely be back and tell others about my pleasant experience there. They did a nice job of balancing everything. There were plenty of actors, staff, scares, and special effects to make this experience enjoyable for anyone!!