My third and final stop pf my 2019 haunt tour led me to Dread Hollow, located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I had been to this haunt before but this was my first time to review it and when I found out I was given this haunt, I was ecstatic and I will soon go into all the reasons why. Dread Hollow features a great story line, one that allows for the trails to be changed every year but still maintain their theme of “A town built on tainted soil” in the best way possible.

Atmosphere: 9.5

The haunt does not have your typical haunted house look when you first pull up and realize you’ve arrived. Do not let that fool you. This haunt is brilliant in the aspect of bringing you into their world and was of being. I have never seen anything quite like it. They bring new meaning to an immersive atmosphere. An entire universe can be seen when you step foot into this haunt. This year, there was an election going on for the town’s mayor which you get to participate in. The town showcases a fallen water tower, crucial to the story line, a small shop of different spooky trinkets and a carnival like area where, you, the patron can go have a bit of fun. The towns candidates for mayor will surely keep you amused as you wander around the town. One of my favorite features of Dread Hollow is that they allow you, the guest in their haunt, to try your hand at scaring other guests. IT IS FANTASTIC. You are able to scare folks both inside the trail and in the waiting area. Also, the switch up the scares each year. You are able to try different scares each year you go! Now granted, this is only for those who upgrade to the V.I.P. but it is well worth the upgrade.


Customer Service: 10

The owners of Dread Hollow, Tim and Todd are some of the most lovely and delightful people I have ever met. They are so involved in their haunt and it shows. I watched both of them treat every patron in there as well as they treated us. I truly appreciate their dedication and hardworking they put into the industry.


Theme/Trail: 10

The storyline of Dread Hollow is a creepy one. One that I will not spoil for you. The staff does such of great job of theming it and bringing all the necessary characters to life. I could not find a single thing out of place. The character fit their scenes so well. Each and every character has something to offer to the storyline.
The scenes were switched up from last year but still followed the storyline of Dread Hollow. We began our trail in a historic hospital, exited and found ourselves in bloodwood forest, and finally to an underground like area that showcases a few scientific experiments gone wrong. Dread Hollow did a fantastic job of preventing the formation of large groups as well.


Costume/Makeup: 9

Overall, I was very impressed with the choices of attire and the makeup/masks that were shown. Again, each one of the characters belonged in that scene. The hospital actors had an astoundingly good look. They were so believable. I enjoyed most of the looks very much but I did see a few masks that just didn’t really sell the part to me or who I was with.


Is it scurry?:10

It is absolutely scary. I could hear people screaming from the outside and those I saw leaving, could not stop talking about how great it was. Those people were right. The scenes, the atmosphere, the actors, every bit of it, can scare you and it probably will. I will begrudgingly admit that an animatronic scared me. A very simple one too.


Special Effects: 10

I honestly cannot praise this haunt enough on its special effects. The props and effects used in each scene did one of two things: add to the already creepy atmosphere, or serve as an excellent distraction for the actors to scare you. The props were placed very strategically as well.I noticed one that was hanging in a stairwell and its movements and sounds were super believable. All of the medical equipment looked legit and so did all of the props in the forest. I noticed one prop in near the end of the trail that was soldier trying to rid the area of the “infected”. A great compliment to the scene if you ask me. The effects immerse you in the story in ways that I have never before seen.


Actors: 9

Most of the actors in Dread Hollow did an astounding job. Right out of the gate, the nurses are bringing you into their reality. Their ideas and ways of playing their characters were super creative. (I think they may have been my favorites.) There was one nurse in particular carrying around a babydoll prop and she was horrifying. I absolutely loved what she was doing. I will say I did notice a few actors not playing their characters as well as I believe they probably could have. The bloodwood characters are aggressive characters (according to the storyline.) and should be acted as such. I noticed a few that just didn’t seem to be as passionate about it as others. Overall though, I was pleased with the actors work. I recall one actress about 2/3’s of the way in playing what I think may have been a woman going completely mad and she looked and played the part perfectly. She was definitely a favorite of ours.



Bang for your buck?: 10

Dread Hollow charges $22 for general admission and $40 if you decided to do the R.I.P. fast passes. No matter which you choose, (Though I strongly recommend doing the R.I.P. pass) YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. I wholeheartedly believe this haunt is worth every penny. Everything about it is truly great. Our walkthrough was I believe about 21 minutes. The haunt is always booming with entertainment for you including several escape rooms (which tie into the story.), the overall looks, and all of the actors in their with you.



GO SEE THIS HAUNT. The experience is one you will not soon forget. I have seen a few haunted house but I have never seen one quite like this one. Dread Hollow is truly a favorite of mine. One I look forward to seeing again soon. Not only are they open in October but they also feature the haunt during valentines day and a few other holidays. I would not miss this haunt this season. They are absolutely, without a single doubt, a must see haunted house this year.



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