CT is from Birmingham, Al and has spent many years investigating the supernatural as a hobby. He worked as an actor at Sloss Fright Furnace in its hay day and, using a more psychological approach to his scares, was able to find some success in acting. He was even voted best actor from time to time. He seemed to have an infinity for scaring the sh*t out of people. CT was in the Navy for six years and, because of that, he has been in a unique position to see haunts all across the country. He flew a little close to the sun one year during his supernatural research and fell into some very frightening, supernatural experiences. (Feel free to ask him about that story anytime!) Since then, he has resigned his role as a free-lance supernatural investigator and now simply enjoys going to Haunts and seeing the ingenious ways people have come up with to get that next best scare. He also spent years studying and writing, having attended both Auburn and the Naval Academy. CT took ScurryFace’s ideals to heart and offered his help to the site. With his unique schooling and writing background he has taken on the job of editing, writing, and framing the website’s written content.



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