The drive to creepy hollow woods, is frankly, a creepy one. I was traveling there from Gulf Shores, AL. The first portion on my journey to the haunt was a typical drive through town, but as we got closer, the more remote it got. It is outside of city limits, you pass a lot of fields only dimly lit from the occasional street light. You might pass a dollar general or 30 year old gas station. As you approach the actual haunt, you will know you have arrived. Cars were piled all down both sides of the road approaching the path. They had a police officer stationed at the entrance managing traffic. We parked and made our way to the haunt…through the cut out path in the woods…

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-Midway /Queue-Line Experience-

 There is a sign that marks the entrance to the haunt, which is just a cut out path through the woods. You are pretty secluded, You can’t hear anything but faint screams and chatter from the haunt in the distance. It added to the building suspense that you feel pre-haunt. You finally get to a booth where you can buy tickets, they were a flat $15. After you get your tickets, you make your way to what looks like a small carnival. There was several food trucks as well as some seating. As you look to your right you will see shooting game set up. Next to that there was an elevated stage that had a live band. They definitely set the mood to prepare you. As I was standing in line I got approached by multiple characters, including a quite buff sleeveless Michael Myers, let's call him Magic Mike. Guess that's how Michael Myers would dress if Haddonfield were in Florida. Our wait time was not very long, and it passed quickly with the live music and character visits.

-Eye Candy/Visuals-

The eye candy at Creepy Hollow Woods did not disappoint. The character makeup was almost flawless. A character in particular, Stitch, spent time talking to our party and was just as scary as his mask/make up. Throughout the haunt, the rooms were fabulous. Creepy Hollow woods has a few different scenes, and a ton of light effects, I was expecting to see at least one extension cord or power box and I didn’t catch glimpse of anything. It was totally immersive.

-Walk Through Experience-


The walkthrough starts with your party getting into an elevator, this had audio welcoming you to the haunt, but the elevator also shook and tilted from side to side. It was the perfect amount of motion, I was jarred but I didn’t bump into strangers, which we all appreciated. As you go through the haunt, you are totally there in that moment. You couldn’t hear the band or anything else. This haunt has a ton of different scenes and though each was very different, it flowed seamlessly. We went from catacombs, to indoor butcher rooms, to outdoor swamp scenes, and those were just a few. This haunt had a lot of diversity, but it somehow worked. It took my group about 23 min to get through the haunt, I will admit I tend to walk slowly rather than the average patron because I want to take it all in. It was a good bang for your buck for sure, I would have paid more. I am quite jumpy for a haunt reviewer, but I jumped probably every other room. CHW has a lot of jumps, in the transitions between rooms as well as the actual room itself. I

would say it is a scary haunt. We never ran into other groups or saw the one behind us.



The actors in the haunt were lively! They played off each other very well, and would sometimes hand off groups to the next one. I was the first one in our group, and I got startled a lot, but the actors also did a good job of being attentive to the end of the group as well. They utilized yelling or speaking creepily, and silence. They also tricked me a couple times, at one point I was half way

through a room that was some type of killer hospital, and saw the actor but she was silent and unwavering. I assumed she was going for the eerie factor, and I relaxed a bit but as the group snaked around her to get by she abruptly screamed, which made the group jump in unison. All of the special effects and makeup were real looking. You could tell they took their time getting ready. None of the characters broke character. They were however hiding not only around corners, but in the walls and on the roof. Which only added to the "scurry" factor, because I was constantly swiveling my head trying to find the next actor that would inevitably get me.


Creepy Hollow woods does a good job in the creativity department, I could never say it was a basic haunt. It not only features an array of rooms but also outdoor/indoor transitions, and level changes. It did not feel like I was being put through a haunt, it was a fully immersive experience and I was scared from start to finish. They had known characters and original characters. This haunt offers a good mix of jump out scares, and creepy scenes that give you chills.



 I was entertained from the end of my drive there to the beginning of my drive back. This is a very well rounded haunt and can appeal to lovers of classic horror scenes/characters as well as people who enjoy characters and creepy scenes they have never seen before. I was scared throughout the duration of the haunt and went through it scared of the next room or scene I was entering.

-Reviewers Personal Notes-

I have personally been going to this haunt for years and it get better every year I go. I love the atmosphere they provide and the haunt its self scares me and gives me the rush of adrenaline that makes haunts fun. Though it did not effect my rating, Creepy Hollow Woods continues to be one of my favorite haunts and overall just a great time.