It is finally here! Haunt season 2019 arrives! My first stop of my month-long tour brings me to Lithia Springs, Georgia. Containment Haunted House! Scurryface has been visiting Containment for a very long time and year after year it constantly gets high scores and positive reviews. Well, the time has come for me to finally visit this attraction. Nothing excites a reviewer more than visiting a haunt for the very first time.  

The drive to Containment is very easy. It is literally right off I-20 and you can’t miss it from the road. 

 Parking is absolutely free and let’s be honest; Free parking for haunts is the way to be. Mainly because we all know it’s an extra money grab for the haunt.  

As soon as you get out your vehicle......... Well, let’s get started on how all that plays out. 

Atmosphere: 8.9 

When you pull into the parking lot and the second you get out of your car. You know you are at a haunt. You won’t find “creepy” music playing or movies on a big screen. Containment has left all that stuff in the dust. You’re at a haunt party. With the music blasting through the entire property. The ticket booth fogging it up with the occasional train horn. The smell of the amazing popcorn just waiting for you to dig into fills the air. You’re welcomed to this establishment with the expectations of having a great time! You’ll also encounter characters roaming the property such as, Pumpkin. Which comes with an interesting fact. He carries around an actual pumpkin that was accidentally grown on the property. Then you have Buttons running around with tons and tons of energy. (Thank you for the sucker, by the way). Then the cotton candy smelling, Choo Choo. Don’t let him fool you. He is like those sweet and sour patch gummies. Comes at you all nice and sweet and then BOOM! He should turn the giving patron’s balloons into a game. If he gives you a balloon, the patron has to keep it all the way through without him popping it. Containment truly has a great atmosphere and the characters out front do nothing but hype up your anticipation.  Let’s not forget about Gary The Gargoyle. When you go to Containment, make sure you let Gary know that the “Red Tie Fedora guy” says hello! 


Special Effects: 9.3 

Right from the get go, Containment sets everything up to immerse you into their world. While you are waiting to enter the gates, you have Gary The Gargoyle keeping you entertained and laughing. That is one of those areas that I could spend the entire night at just listening to Gary interact with patrons. 

Just some notable mentions as we experienced them. The interactive “Master” at the beginning. That entire scene looked incredible. The detail and lighting through the spider webs were unsettling due to the realism. We loved the effects of the mannequins. At one point, I thought they were actors due to how well the lighting effect made it look. Great scene by the way, kudos to the production team on that one. 

Containment really exceeded my expectations when it comes to the effects. When you arrive to the haunt and realize that it’s not in this massive building. You wouldn’t think they would have so much detail and effects as they do.  You can absolutely tell the production crew put a lot of thought, time and effort into putting this event together. They definitely deserve recognition for a job well done! 


Customer Service: 10 

Extremely professional, courteous and knowledgeable about the event and the industry. They care about your experience and I saw the owner and others out front talking with patrons. Definitely have to respect owners and managers that do that.


Theme/Trail: 9.5 

The theme for Containment this season is “Shadows”. They stick to what they promote. You can catch the shadows lurking throughout your entire experience. A lot of haunts out there promote a theme and never stick to it. Containment is one of those attractions that delivers what they promote. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air.  

As for the trail experience, it took us roughly 20 minutes to complete. You will encounter many different scenes and scenarios throughout. The transitions were very smooth from scene to scene.  

There were a few times where it slightly got a little confusing on which passage way to enter. But, as we were told while on the trail, “Black flaps lead the way”. You will catch surprises at every turn while at Containment. 

I do want to point something out. Containment has a slider. Here is why I’m going to single this out. There is an entire scene dedicated to his talent. You won’t find him outside just running at you and sliding while making pretty sparks. No, he uses it to actually scare you and incorporates it into the scene. The whole sliding haunter thing has taken a weird turn in the industry where now you just see people dressed up sliding around making sparks. I do feel it has lost it’s whole point. Containment brings it to its true form and does an amazing job with it. Major kudos to them for that. It’s definitely noticed and appreciated here at Scurryface. 

Another thing that I fell in love with, is the attention to detail in each scene. That is something that gets overlooked by most haunt review groups out there and patrons. I love seeing the little things that matter in scenes. Whether it be the TV’s actually working, adding color to fog, the detail to the walls, floors, ceilings. Here at Scurryface, we appreciate the time and thought that goes into those things. 


Costumes/Makeup: 9.3 

Every character at Containment fit their scenes when it came to their look. We did not see one individual who seemed out of place while in their scenes. In some case’s you will encounter a few characters with extremely detailed makeup and costuming. For instance, the very first scene, WOW!   

We at Scurryface tip our hat to the makeup and costuming crew at Containment! 


Is it Scary? 9.4 

There was a certain actress in a hospital room scene that got a great timed jump scare on me. She came out of the plastic flaps at the perfect time and completely caught me off guard. Major props to that actress. The timing on all the actors were spot on. The average and even seasoned haunt goers will get their good share of thrills and scares at Containment. 


Bang For your buck: 8.8 

Trail time took us roughly 20 minutes to complete our experience. That is me walking at my pace.  I know certain people blow through haunts like they are speed walking to the bathroom. Others like to stop every 5 seconds and hold up lines. I’ve learned to have the perfect pace while venturing through haunts. That way I don’t miss a thing while not holding up potential groups behind me. 

What you get at Containment for the ticket price is a great deal! You get entertained and scared. The only thing I noticed were a few small areas that there could have been an actor or two in spots. Other than that, you definitely get your money’s worth at Containment. 

General Admission -  $25.00 

This ticket allows entry for one person to Containment Haunted House.  This is a one-time use ticket, once you enter there is no going back.  General admission tickets are available online at the box office for purchase.   


4-Pack Group -  $88.00 (4 tickets) 

This is a group package for four people.  Gather three of your friends and buy your tickets together and save.  This ticket package is only available online for purchase.   


Actors: 10 

This is my favorite category while reviewing haunts. I love seeing all the talent and originality of haunters. It makes my night complete when you run into a crew as I did over at Containment. The actors timing was on point with each scene. They stayed on us throughout their entire scenes. Their characters were portrayed in such a way that made their roles extremely believable. The actress in the first scene leading us to her master was an amazing performance. The actress in the room with all the mirrors truly sold the scene and made it a fun interactive experience with wanting us to play hide and seek and making me give her dolls kisses on the forehead. The actress in the room with all the TV’s really made that a fun, memorable moment. The crew outside did a great job with interacting and entertaining the patrons as they get ready to experience Containment. This crew did an amazing job and they deserve a standing ovation. 



This was my first visit to Containment and it won’t be my last. Containment not only delivers quality scares. It delivers an experience that will linger with you for the entire haunt season. 

The one thing that stands out to me about Containment. Is how interactive it is between the characters and the patrons. I absolutely LOVE that they incorporate that concept. It keeps the experience fresh, especially for returning customers. You won’t get the same experience twice in most scenes. That is what makes a great haunt! That is what makes Containment great! 

As them being my first haunt of the 2019 season. They set the bar very high. If you do not visit Containment this year. You WILL be missing out on a MUST-SEE HAUNT! GET YOURSELF TO LITHIA SPRINGS, GEORGIA AND VISIT THIS HAUNT! 



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