For my 2nd stop of this haunt season, I made my way to Containment Haunted House in Lithia Springs, GA. We travelled through various warehouse districts approaching this haunt. As you are nearing, it is not clearly marked where to go. Instead, we saw the colorful lights off the road in the distance but be cautious as it is easily missed. You will turn into a dark, open gate where a dark sign reads “Classic Paintball”. Pulling in the gate, we could hear music and screams in the distance which got us very excited!


Due to Covid-19, there is not a midway experience. You are approached by an employee as you’re pulling in the parking lot. They greet you and hand you a “Containment” ticket which will give you instructions on how to enter the Virtual Queue Line. You are instructed to stay in or around your car and they provide a radio station for your listening pleasure. 


You will receive a text message that will instruct you to enter the clearly marked queue line directly in front of Containment Haunted House.

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The costumes, masks, and makeup were very detailed and perfectly fit the theme that was being portrayed at any given point of the haunt. Some of the actors have props to make their character more realistic. They also use electronics in the costumes to further enhance your haunt experience. Some were complex, some were simple, but very rightfully so... well, because it fit the theme. Containment did a fantastic job with this category. You can see they put a lot of time and effort into creating the most realistic and detailed costumes and makeup for the characters. 


The actors in the haunt are incredible! You may meet anywhere from an ax wielding butcher to a true soul peddler. These guys and girls are the real deal. They are extremely theatrical and you can truly feel the passion from every one of them. Something that makes these actors stand out is that they truly pull you into their world. Containment is a very immersive experience all thanks to the actors. The do a great job at improvising as they don’t know what you’ll do or say. They were flawless and their timing was impeccable.


I would like to give a shout out to the Possum Man and the Harley Quinn / Clown girl!! The possum guy will have you questioning your own sanity with his sly nature. As for the clown girl, you may have met a best friend or she just may want to kill you... who knows??

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Trail Experience & Theming

Although Containment doesn’t promote any exact theme, they do prepare you for what’s ahead from the time you enter the Haunt. Upon entry, you’ll enter the Parlor where you will be warned of what lurks inside. Next, into the Forest of Lost Souls where you’ll officially walk into the Afterlife! Here, you will need to watch out and don’t let go of your soul, not even to the Grim Reaper!! You may or may not have a 1-on-1 discussion with the demon of all demons!


Once they have you in their grips, you will enter into their Soul Peddlers Layer where you have options for your soul once it’s taken!! (You’ll understand later). From there, comes complete darkness! Upon entry to the Dark Abyss you may be stalked by demons awaiting in darkness to snatch you up. Be careful of what’s around the next corner.


I won’t give away too much, there’s tons left! I will, however tell you the following areas and you can use your imagination to take you through the next scenes: 

Cannibal Diner, Clown Hell, Squeeze Wall, outbreak Prison, Boiler Room, Scarecrow, Afterlife Museum, Temple, The Closet, Attic (this was one of my favorites), Mannikin Maze, Swamp, Green House (Don’t get eaten by “Chompy” the Plant Monster!!), Slaughter Shack, Junk Yard, and The Shack!! 


Containment truly are professionals at creating these scenes which place you in their reality! There was only one part of the trail where I was confused on which way to turn but the actor jumped to the rescue and helped, but not before she got a good scare out of me. There’s a theme for everyone that comes here making it that much more intriguing.

Special Effects/Visual

I can sum this up by simply saying that this haunt is something to see. I mean, see and hear. Everything from the music, to sound fx, to animatronics; this production is very kind to your senses. Some scenes will pull you in so much, you won’t even notice the little things but that’s the point, right??. The use of smoke, mirrors, lasers, voices, sparks, and more make this haunt able to rock with the best of em! I was very impressed with what they had to offer for eye candy and all of your other 4 senses!

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Bang For Your Buck

Containment is $25 which I believe is a good value for what you’re getting. These guys are top of the line and will give you the show you’re looking for. This is not far off from common prices for a haunt of this caliber. The haunt lasted us 21 minutes and we didn’t necessarily “take our time”. The haunt will last 20-25 minutes depending on you and your speed


Is it Scurry??

Yes it is. This haunt would fall in line with the scarier haunts that I attend. It’s not just scary but it’s creepy also. There’s a strong feeling of uncertainty or uneasiness along with a strong sense of “will I get out of this?”. Containment uses several different scare factors here which the Owners have become professionals at executing.


Containment is Original in itself by taking place in storage containers!! It’s still hard to believe it was storage containers but it surely is. The creativity is one of a kind here. I’ve personally never been to a haunt that had their kind of theming and was so interactive. It definitely sets it apart from others.

Did I Feel Safe??

Containment goes above and beyond with their safety measures. All actors will be at least 6 ft away from you at all times and the entire haunt is in accordance with guidelines set in place. The queue line is spread out enough that you will have plenty of space for social distancing. All non-actor staff will be wearing masks and ensure that everything is as safe as possible. As mentioned earlier, the virtual queue line just goes to show the measures put in place for your safety.


I’m giving this haunt a MUST SEE rating based on the fact that, simply put, they did an amazing job! Their attention to detail, passion from the actors, unique theme & trail, and execution of scares were all top-notch. We had an amazing experience here and I would encourage anyone who can make it here to go ahead, pay the $25, and get to haunting!