We were graciously welcomed back to Columbia Manor for our third year in a row. For those of you who haven’t heard of this magical little place, it’s located about 20 miles outside of Dothan, AL. There’s not a lot there in the little town of Columbia, AL. but Columbia Manor is enough for us to want to go back every year. It was built in 1864 and is recognized as one of the oldest surviving towns in Southeast, AL. They’ve even made it to the Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story” – which has a lot of interesting facts about the place and the real-life hauntings that many people have experienced there. I’ve personally had the hair stand up on the back of my neck once or twice in this house.

Actors: 8.7

It’s always so cool every year to see what they have improved on. The actors are always so professional and in character. Even the children that work there really stepped up their game this year. They have all ages working in the haunt and if you decide to go see this place, don’t let your guard down, cause they are EVERYWHERE…. When you least expect it.



Atmosphere: 8.9

We got there a few hours before the haunt opened and let me tell you, they were already lined up around the block. They have concession stands selling drinks and food while you wait. There are porta- potties for bathroom use. I typically try to avoid them at all costs, but these are so clean – I would have actually used them. They did have a few actors roaming the grounds to get you nice and scared before entering the houses. Always cool people, they stop for photo ops for the kids/adults, never breaking character. They have the lines clearly marked for where you need to go and stand for what category ticket you have and while waiting in line, they have a huge screen playing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and even the “My Ghost Story” on the Bio Channel. If you don’t have a chance to check the story out before you go, get there a little early and you can watch the history of the house before you enter.



Theme/Trail: 9.7

The first house you go into is called the “Clown House.” It’s about 5-7 minutes- treated as a warm up. Every room in the house is clown related, but they are all so different. Those of you who have seen “IT part 2” this summer, watch your back, I think Pennywise is still alive and lurking at Columbia Manor. Once you leave the clown house, they send you in the actual Manor. You get a brief history of the manor, then off you go. Up and down stairs, crawling in some places. Room after room of so many different scares. Once you finish the house, about 15-20 minutes, then you get to roam outside for another 15-20 minutes. From Camp Crystal Lake to Jeepers Creepers, it’s almost a sigh of relief when you get done, cause those porta-potties are looking kind of good at this point. NOPE. Not finished yet. Now you get to go through the “Graveyard.” Watch your back out there too, the undead haunts the graveyard at night!



Costumes/Makeup: 8.7

Always pretty impressed with the costumes/makeup. There are literally so many different ones. Each room we entered matched perfectly to the costume and makeup. Even the not so detailed fit in perfectly with what they were trying to do. Then, there was costumes/makeup that looked like it took hours to do. I was more impressed this year then I have been in the past and I know with each year they are going to continue to step it up.



Special Effects: 9.5

You can tell Columbia Manor takes pride in their haunt and this place is not put together in one night, or one weekend. Each room was put together from head to toe- so to speak. As a reviewer- I caught myself looking for things to kind of point out that they may have missed. There wasn’t a thing I could find. Even when we were outside, everything was so realistic, it felt as if we were in our own little horror movie. Those are always the best haunts to me, the ones you can get lost in. The ones that get your adrenaline going and wanting more. Like a kid in a candy store, each room was so well put together, I was literally exciting to see the next.



Bang for your buck: 10

Absolutely! You can purchase general admission ticket for $13 and Fast Pass tickets for $30. They had it this year where you could purchase the fast pass tickets at the will call booth. If you chose general admission, please get there early or purchase the tickets in advance or you will be waiting in line for a while. No matter which you chose, be somewhat patient. They try to put you through with just the number in your group so you can get the full haunt experience. One night a season, they have a celebrity guest from a Horror Movie that is there. This year was “Leatherface” from Texas Chainsaw Massacre” – Andrew Bryniarski. You can pay an extra $10 for an autograph picture and $10 more for a “selfie” with him. They have a special room called The Parlor where the owner and the celebrity guest are held. The Parlor is cool in itself because you get to see all the past celebrity guest pictures hanging on the walls. Even if you don’t want to pay extra for the picture/selfie- swing in and say “Hi” for free



Is it Scary: 9.3

Does a bear Sh*t in the Woods!? YES. It was scary, they added new jump scares this year. Just when I thought I knew the layout and the concepts, BOOM. New scares, new layouts. From talking to your friends in line to feel someone breathing over your shoulder, to every inch of the houses being on your toes from one room to the next. I yelled, I screamed, I ran in place (Cause I was too scared to actually move my legs), and a special shout out to the little girl who almost made me fall down the stairs. You, my girl, were GREAT



Customer Service: 10

Todd, the owner and his whole entire staff always makes you feel like you’ve known them your whole entire life. There’s never a silent, awkward moment. Everyone is so friendly and funny. From the will call booth, to the hired security staff. Nothing but smiles and laughs coming from the entire place. For the most part, every one in the haunt industry has nothing but respect for one another. A special thank you to you all for everything!




As I have said the past 3 years and will continue to say every year until Todd gets sick of seeing us. We will always be back the following year. The mix of a fun, friendly atmosphere mixed with really good haunts is always right up our alley. If you are in 2-3 hours driving distance from Columbia, AL. I highly recommend you check this place out. You could even make a day of it. There’s plenty to do in Dothan, AL. Movies, food, shopping, bowling, skating, etc. Then head on out to Columbia at dusk to get your scare on. Never a disappointment.



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