Chris here just the supervisor at a movie theatre..... unlike most of my staff I work in the haunt industry. This is a huge passion for me as I have worked for the past 20+ seasons. I started at a local Christian haunt that needed help during the season when I was in middle school. I fell in love with scaring people as a character. I worked my way up to help with set design as well as Audio and lighting. I did move out of Virginia for about 10 years and got a huge privelage to work haunts Pro Haunts in AZ. At that time I was able to learn from some amazing haunt actors, Managers and Owners that have been in the industry longer then myself. Since moving back to VA I noticed that more had opened since I have left. Each one of them is unique in their own way and I look forward to helping the haunt industry in my home state as much as I can. Its time for me to move from just working a haunt for the season to actually. To the owners of the haunts in VA how can you trust my review of your haunt..... well here is what I will say.. I treat haunts the same way I treat my movies. I always go into a movie not expecting anything so that way I can give that movie a fair chance to suprise me and give me a good show.



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