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For my second stop I decided on Booger Jims Hollow. From the information I  found on Booger Jims, it seemed like an old school haunt which is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to find a haunt that could give me the old school experience and bring me back to my youth and they definitely delivered the old school feel. After getting off the interstate, I found myself going down some winding creepy back roads that eventually led me to Booger Jims.  I was a tad bit confused when arriving because from where the parking lot was it just seemed like I was in a little backwoods neighborhood. After parking I made my way to a small and quaint little ticket booth to the right of the parking lot. At the ticket booth I was greeted by the cashier and the owner whom were both friendly and very welcoming. I spoke with the owner for a brief moment whom seemed to have so much passion for his haunt and truly just wanted to give his customers a great experience. After speaking he sent us on our way to the hayride that toted us through a little neighborhood as the driver gave us a rundown of the spooky legend of Booger Jim tale that tormented this little neighborhood. Finally he dropped us off at our first destination where the chaos began.


 The atmosphere was not at all like your typical haunted attraction these days. It really had a old school feel in this little neighborhood where you had no idea where you were going to end up. Each themed attraction was spaced out within the houses of what seemed abandoned type homes throughout neighborhood. To get to each attraction, you had to take a brisk little walk down the streets to your next destination. It was a really neat experience and almost made me feel like I was back in the 90s going trick or treating where you could just smell the Halloween in the air and feel the creepiness around you. The haunt had 3 separate attractions spread out across this neighborhood. There was said to be a concession area and gift shop area but somehow I had missed that part. Overall I loved the atmosphere it really took me back to being a kid again.

Costume / Makeup

Booger Jim's is a low budget haunt so the costumes and makeup were on the low budget side as well. I could see where they had a few actors that had splurged on their costumes and masks but mostly your typical black cloaks, jumpsuits and masks frequently bought at Halloween stores. BUT …the actors definitely knew how to bring the less extravagant costuming to life with their passion for scaring and enthusiasm.


Booger Jims did not disappoint as far as amount of actors. They had plenty of actors spread throughout each attraction and in between. You could tell the actors at Booger Jims were really passionate about scaring. They were very high energy and maintained it throughout the haunt. They were all very interactive and enthusiastic and I loved that about Booger Jims.

Trail experience / Theming

 Booger Jims had 3 separate attractions. They had the Haunted House, the Doll House and the Haunted trail. Our first stop was the haunt trail which was full of crazy killers around every corner. The trail included lots of twists and turns through some somewhat steep areas of the woods and bamboo. It had been raining a little that night so it was a little slick in some areas but so much fun. I would not recommend anyone elderly or unsteady on their feet to go through this portion of the haunt. After exiting the trail we walked not far to the haunted house. The house seemed like an abandoned house that the haunt now occupied. It the original creepy smell of an old rickety house with ghosts and ghouls around every corner. Our last stop was the Doll House The scenes weren’t too detailed but definitely enough to make you feel submersed in the scene. My son got rolled around in a barrel by one of the clowns which was one the highlights of our night. Our last stop was the Doll House which seemed to be inside another old abandoned house but this time with a real dollhouse feel with plenty of little creepy girl dolls coming at you. Each of the haunts attractions were true to their theme with their scenes and characters. The scene weren’t overly detailed but just enough to submerge you into that scene.

Bang for Your Buck

 I would say that the haunt was well worth the price. The length of the attraction was about 35-40 minutes including your walk to the next portion of the attraction. Ticket pricing is $20.00 for general admission and the option to purchase a fast pass or no touch medallion or an additional $5.00.

SFX and visuals

 The special effects and visuals at Booger Jims was minimal. Again is was a low budget haunt but they still managed to achieve the right lighting and sounds for each seen to give it that old school creepy feel.

Is it scary?

Yes, Booger Jims was pretty scary. They had actors popping out from every nook and cranny which created a lot of jump scares. It also all around had that creepy under the moonlight, something lurking in the shadows, uneasy feeling to it which is what I loved about it the most.

Originality / Creativity

Again Booger Jims was very old school with a lot of old school characters and scenes. But what stood out to me the most about them was how they created their scenes to get the customers involved in the scares. Multiple times throughout the attraction, one of my kids would go missing. They would later appear in the next scene down as a part of the scare. I loved how interactive they were and also giving the customer the opportunity to be a part of the show.

Did you feel comfortable?

Yes I did feel safe a Booger Jims. The crowds were minimal with the way the haunt was spaced out so it was great for social distancing. They give their customers the option to wear a mask or not to wear a mask. My only concerns were a few trip hazards and again the trail portion was quite difficult to maneuver in some areas.


 Overall for a low budget haunt I enjoyed Booger Jims very much. It's nice to go back to when haunts were so simple but yet so effective and Booger Jims does low cost but effective so very well! Booger Jims is also a contact haunt. Therefore there is some light touching that goes on but nothing extreme or super aggressive. The old school vibe with the chance of being touched gave me goosebumps like I haven’t experienced since I was young. Booger Jims will forever be one of my favorites!