Scurry Scale for Overall score

1.9 or less  = A Huge Thumbs Down. Terrible

2 – 3.9 = One Choppie. Needs to improve

4 - 4.9  = Two Choppies. Below average

5 - 5.9  = Three Choppies. Average

6 - 6.9  = Four Choppies. Above Average

7 - 8.9  = Four half Choppies. Very good

9 - 9.9  = Five Choppies. MUST SEE

10          = Six Choppies. AMAZING


With haunt season nearing the finish line. My tour brings me back to Canton, Georgia. We visit Paranoia Haunted House. If you read our review from 2017, you already know the level of excitement Im expecting. 2018 lived up to the hype. It’s easy to find no matter which direction you come from. All you have to do find the rock show! Spot lights, full parking lot, flames and blaring music. When you exit your vehicle, you automatically get this adrenaline rush of excitement. Dave and his entire crew go through a lot of work to make you, the patron, feel excited to be at their event. I say event, because that’s what it is.  Paranoia has always impressed us year after year and we could not wait to see the new changes.
I can’t stress to the public enough. GET THERE BEFORE 8:00! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THE OPENING CEREMONY. It’s a unique experience that does nothing but amp up the excitement for haunt enthusiasts!

It’s a haunt rock show! Dave Leikam and his crew truly have the ability to captivate the audience with so much energy and entertainment. Whether it be the fireworks, flames, the music, the plethora of creatures that roam around. It’s still one of the coolest experiences as they countdown from 10 and those gates open up while the sky is lit up and all those creatures pour out the gate while the crowd pours in towards the ticket booth. This is only out front. We have not even got to the newest addition to Paranoia. Their new midway. Here you will find a carnival like setting. Filled with carnival games and tons of fun. They offer a ride that I only advise riding if you have a strong stomach. With the lighting and music and random bubbles flooding the area. It’s an absolute blast! They offer quality food and drinks. Not overpriced stale nachos with cold cheese. What I also love about this midway. The patrons waiting in line for Carnage, the que-line goes right by it so the patrons get to see what is in store for them after their haunt experience. This atmosphere really steps up Paranoia’s game when it comes to midway entertainment. Most haunts want you to come buy a ticket, get scared and then leave. Paranoia wants to scare you to death. Then bring you back to life just so you can spend the rest of your evening with them having fun.

I would put this cast among the best in the nation. Hands down some of the best actors in the game. From the midway actors out front to the characters within the bayou to the characters hiding within Carnage. Their timing and performance is phenomenal! I really enjoyed the performances within Blood Bayou. The voodoo lady really sold her scene and definitely will make you feel on edge with her chant. It really sold the voodoo vibe. Even if she were speaking gibberish and making it up. It convinced me.
You will find more of the character performances within Blood Bayou. Carnage is where you will encounter the very skilled pop scares from actors.  Amazing job to the entire cast!

Another category where Paranoia really sets the bar very high! From the very beginning to the very end. So much detail is put in place. Every scene captivates you and sucks you in to their world. Every inch of the experience brings the illusion to life. I can’t say enough of the amount of detail that went into Blood Bayou. You truly feel as if you were taking a stroll through the bayou. I kept waiting for a gator to pop out of nowhere. If you ever watched the Hatchet movies with Victor Crowley. Blood Bayou brings that scenery to life. The effects in Carnage are no different, with it’s industrial feel throughout. Paranoia truly does an amazing job at bringing you into their world.

The one thing I absolutely love about the team at Paranoia. They are 100% excited that you are there! They truly want you to have the best time possible. They always give off positive energy and it radiates throughout the crowd. Even the security team that walks around to make sure everyone is safe and things go according to plan. They are positive and courteous, that is until YOU give them a reason not to be. If you want to go to a haunt and feel welcomed. Paranoia is the place to be!

The theme of Blood Bayou is amazing. The experience is amazing. The only thing that disappointed me was the shortness of the trail. It was a 9-minute experience and it forced me to want more! That 9-minute experience is so good and it truly grabs your imagination. When it ends, you’re like, “NO!! I WANT TO GO BACK!” There were zero dead spots and you get tons of quality performances and scares within the Bayou.
Carnage is the biggest experience. It was about a 15-minute walk through. It’s more of an industry feel with tons of a great surprises and scares. They stay very true to the industrial theme and the creatures within do an amazing job with keeping you on your toes at every turn. I just wish it were a little longer on the Bayou side.

An absolute ten! From the costumes out front, all throughout Carnage and within the Bayou. They look amazing! The makeup team really go the extra mile to bring their creations to life! I love how each individual character fits the theme. We ran into one character who looked absolutely fake and then came to life almost bringing us to our knees. The makeup and costuming of this character was beyond amazing. I am definitely not going to ruin the surprise because I want every patron to have to same experience as we did. I’ll give you a hint. It’s in the Bayou!

Paranoia delivers a 10 yet again for the 2nd year in a row on this category. You WILL get scared or startled. Guaranteed! With the incredible actor talent to the surprise pop scares at just about every corner. Something will make your heart skip a beat.

$20 will get you into Carnage.
$35 will get you into both Carnage and Blood Bayou
As I’ve always said, why go to a haunt and only do half of it. Do it all!
I do feel the total trail time lacks a tad. Especially with Blood Bayou. But, they make sure you get your money's worth every second within the experience. Total trail time with both combined puts you near 30 minutes. That does not include the amount of fun you’ll have and time you’ll spend out in their brand new midway. That experience is also included with the ticket price. I definitely feel with the quality of entertainment and scares you receive, Paranoia is worth the ticket. I increased the score this season just a tad due to the addition of the midway. Let’s face it. Haunts are not cheap anymore. A lot of haunts charge these same prices and give you a long trail experience with mediocre entertainment. That is NOT the case at Paranoia. Any trail time that may be sacrificed is easily made up in the sheer amount of entertainment you receive while you are there. GET THERE EARLY! Not only to witness the opening. But, it WILL be crowded!

Paranoia still is one of the best haunts in the country. It’s hands down a MUST-SEE EXPERIENCE. Paranoia never fails to entertain its guests. When you come to Paranoia, expect to have a fun time. Expect to get scared. Expect to get your money's worth. Georgia is known for great haunts. But, don’t be fooled by those “massive budget” haunts that buy up all the advertisement and rankings. Haunts like Paranoia is what makes the industry great! Dave is already planning for expansion in 2019 and even 2020. The day is coming where they might as well change the name Canton, Georgia to Paranoia, Georgia.  GET YOURSELF TO PARANOIA HAUNTED HOUSE THIS OCTOBER!
If you miss out. No worries. You’ll get another chance during December for their Christmas event!



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