Shannon has loved the thrill of Haunted attractions since she was a child. It all started when her father began making an annual trip to the local charity Haunt in Flintville, TN. That’s when the intense feeling of wanting to run in terror began. As a child, she would get such an adrenaline rush she would beg to go again- leading to attending that local haunt 2-3 times a year. Not much has changed in her adult life. For the past 10 years, she has sought out the best attractions. Every year her haunted attraction tours get a little bit bigger! Shannon explores as many haunted attractions as possible during the Halloween season. She loves the thrill of a good jump scare and she thrives on the adventure of discovering the best haunts in the Tennessee Valley. Whether it is watching scary movies or walking through a haunted house, she pays strong attention to detail and understands the efforts the industry endures to provide a truly unique experience. In 2017, Shannon’s best friend and primary Haunt travel partner, Katie Calcote, tragically lost her life. To keep Katie’s memory and love for the Haunt industry alive Shannon started an online blog devoted to her Haunted Attraction Tour of 2018 in memory of Katie. Shortly after starting the blog her haunt reviews caught the attention of ScurryFace. When the opportunity to write for ScurryFace came along, Shannon was thrilled to have the chance the use her experience of thrill-seeking to help others find the greatest haunts in Tennessee! Her writing skills, attention to detail, and love for the industry will truly show in each haunt review she writes.



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