Scurry Scale for Overall score

1.9 or less  = A Huge Thumbs Down. Terrible

2 – 3.9 = One Choppie. Needs to improve

4 - 4.9  = Two Choppies. Below average

5 - 5.9  = Three Choppies. Average

6 - 6.9  = Four Choppies. Above Average

7 - 8.9  = Four half Choppies. Very good

9 - 9.9  = Five Choppies. MUST SEE

10          = Six Choppies. AMAZING

My 2018 tour brings me to Killen, Alabama. Home to Arx Mortis Haunted Attraction. The small town of Killen has become an entertainment hot spot. Not only does a top-rated Haunt reside there. It’s also home to Killen Time Adventure Park and Alabama’s #1 Rage Room.
But, it’s October and we were there for Arx Mortis! During the preseason, we placed Arx Mortis as this year’s #1 most anticipated Alabama haunt due to their many changes.
The drive to Arx Mortis isn’t very difficult at all. It’s a 2-hour ride from Birmingham and you can not miss it off the highway. Parking is absolutely free and you definitely will not have issues parking due to their massive property. I do advise getting their early on the weekend due to their popularity. Wait time could be long. But, one thing they do very well on is the fact, they will try their best to get you through pretty quickly. They don’t force you to wait just for the simple fact that they want to appear busy.
I know, I know. You’re here for the categories and scores.
So, let’s get to it!

Arx Mortis delivers the haunt atmosphere you deserve as a paying customer. When you pull into the parking lot, you know you’re at a haunted attraction. When we pulled in, the fog had set in perfectly around the entire attraction. It just sets the mood to perfection. As you enter, you will encounter multiple roaming characters as they work the entire midway. The characters you see on the commercial, you will run into them. Arx Mortis also offers entertainment while you wait. They offer, Project 9. A 5-minute escape room that will put your thinking skills to the test. You can sharpen up on your shooting skills in Ataxia. Check out some quality collectables at Keepers Corner if you get hungry or thirsty while you wait. They have you covered. Also, check out the TV monitors while you’re waiting. They really love to shine a light on their crew. KHK Productions does an amazing job!

Arx Mortis only - $20
Arx Mortis & Ghost Hill - $25
COMBO 1 - Arx Mortis & Ataxia - $28
COMBO 2 -Arx Mortis/GhostHill/Ataxia - $33
Project 9 (5-minute escape room) - $5
Arx Mortis is absolutely worth the ticket price. Go ahead and spend that 5 extra dollars to experience Ghost Hill. The total trail time for us was 45-minutes. That includes Ghost Hill. You are getting an experience that exceeds well beyond the ticket price.
Project 9 was a fun, challenging experience. Needless to say, we didn’t make it out.

This is the area we always felt Arx Mortis needed to improve on in the past. This season, they stepped it up! The crew really brought their A-Game in 2018. So many changes and added detail to every scene. It’s the little details that you might miss that we happen to notice. Whether it be the real teeth at the dentist office, the lighting in the mine shaft, to the detail in the walls of the dungeon. As you experience Arx Mortis, keep your eyes peeled on the minor details. Their attention to detail really brings realism to each scene.

Arx Mortis offered A LOT of changes this season. New Scenes, new experiences and polishing up on the minor details. The transitions were outstanding as you venture scene to scene. They really bring the illusion to life with submerging you into their world.
Ghost Hill offers a creepy stroll through the woods with a few surprises along the way. I absolutely love the gritty vibe of the woods trail. The only thing to help guide your way along the path is the dim lit lanterns. Which does nothing but add to the creepiness. Was a little disappointed on the lack of actors during this experience. There were times where we felt abandoned in certain parts where an actor in place could have been beneficial. I understand keeping with the theme of “The 9”, but, with the length of the trail. It really seems like the actors are stretched way too thin. Like there is an unbalance on actor placement. With it only being a $5 upcharge, you still get the dark creepy stroll through the woods while encountering some fun scenes. It’s just a large trail where you begin to ask, “Okay, where are the actors?” I honestly believe Arx Mortis could shorten Ghost Hill a tad to where the actors in place could cover more ground and get more interaction with the patrons.
As you exit the woods and make your way into the main event. This is where the action picks up tremendously. We were extremely impressed with the changes and the length of this experience.

The talent at Arx Mortis have never been a problem. In 2018, they deliver once again. The timing and energy of this crew is amazing. I was told that they were short handed during our visit. In areas where we encountered a few potential dead spots. The actors busted their butts to cover more ground. And they succeeded. We saw a lot of characters multiple times throughout our experience. You can absolutely tell they love what they do and put a lot of time and effort into their roles. That is the definition of haunt actors! We encountered so many great performances throughout our experience. Some notable ones:
Tiggy, she actually earned the “Red Tie of Scurryness.”  The actor out in first part of the woods. He covered an insane amount of ground to keep you on your toes. The clowns were great with an abundance of energy and humor. Especially, the clown bouncing around on the horse. The dentist and his patient. She really brought that scene to life and made everyone feel on edge as you walked through. The actors in the dungeon and clinic, they worked those areas so well.
The timing of every actor was spot on. If they didn’t get the scare, they entertained and continued to deliver a performance. Great job to the entire cast!

Amazing hospitality. They make you feel welcome as soon as you arrive. From the parking lot, Keepers Korner to the ticket booth. Very professional and courteous.

The attention to detail to each character is amazing. From their makeup, masks to costumes. It fits the scenes to perfection. There was not one single character that we encountered where we felt their make up or costuming was out of place. Some haunts just do enough to cover what is needed to be done. That is not the case at Arx Mortis. The make up team does a fantastic job with their unique and creative concepts. You will find some extremely creative one of a kind costumes at Arx Mortis. GREAT JOB to the make-up crew!

Absolutely! They were able to startle me over a handful of times. 3 came within the same scene. Props to the actors in the swamp. They know their scenes and surroundings and know how to use the shadows to their advantage. They should all join the league of shadows because of how well they utilize the darkness. Every actor was on their game when it came to the timing of their scares and how they used props and the scenery as diversions. Even certain scenes are set up to take your mind off the flesh and blood creatures that lurk around each corner. If you love getting startled or scared. Arx Mortis is the place that will deliver the goods!

Arx Mortis in 2018 has really stepped up their game. I’ve been coming here since 2012 and it never disappoints when it comes to experiencing a quality haunt. This year, however, they set the bar higher. Most people don’t realize just how massive this place is. And the potential for it to grow even more. Not only do they offer the haunt. They offer Killen Time Adventure Park, a Rage Room (Which is the best in Alabama). The sky is literally the limit on what they could add in the future.
As for the haunt itself, Arx Mortis is a top shelf haunt for Alabama and within the Southeast. You get a quality trail, quality and creative special effects. Top notch acting. Some of the most unique costumes you’ll ever see at a haunt. You really could not ask for a better haunt experience this October.



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