My 2019 haunt tour started in the state capital of Nashville, TN at Beasthouse. This was my first year attending this haunt and it is definitely one I will be back to visit. They have made a reputation in the area as the money back guarantee haunt because they offer a money back challenge that includes the haunted house, the beast jump, and the beast challenge which entails eating or drinking something extreme. I did not participate in the jump or beast challenge because I have a weak stomach but the money back challenge is something that makes them unique and is definitely worth checking out. Beasthouse was easy to find using my GPS and the parking was very easy to navigate.


The atmosphere at Beasthouse was inviting and eerie. Beasthouse is an indoor haunt with the line to enter the haunt being outdoors. The building itself has a graphic history that adds to the scare factor. This is said to be a real haunted mansion after the 1897 murder suicide that occurred in the building. The haunt uses cleverly placed lighting and displays throughout the outdoor waiting areas which help set the scene. There were about 3 actors assigned to entertain guest while they wait. The mysterious factor and curiosity of what was lurking inside will definitely build adrenaline while waiting to enter Beasthouse. Once you enter the haunt the creepiness increases and the screams begin!

Special Effects 

Beasthouse had limited special effects but don’t let that discourage you from visiting. The special effects they have are high quality and well placed. The use of lighting and fog was very clever! In one scene, we were all shuffled through chain-link fences with fog obscuring your view ahead. It felt as though we were in a concentration camp and I was so impressed with the use of fog. They did well with triggering all your senses.


It is evident that the actors in Beasthouse are experienced and well trained. Beasthouse allows their actors to touch the guest which adds to the fright experience. There was plenty of ankle grabbing, actors whispering in your ears, and getting in your face to scare you. I was impressed with how many actors were in the haunt. There was no dead space and seemed to be a different actor every time you turn a corner. In other scenes, the same actor was working a big space moving back in forth giving the effect that you were being followed.

Customer Service 

I knew the customer service was a top priority for Beasthouse from the time I arrived. In the parking lot there was a lady selling souvenirs and ensuring that guest knew where to go and how to get tickets. She was welcoming and helpful. Service at the ticket booth was quick and friendly. They even give you a Beasthouse bracelet with the purchase of tickets.


Beasthouse did not appear to have a set theme for the haunt. Some of the scenes were themed and they did a good job of setting the tone for those scenes.


The costumes and makeup at Beasthouse were very realistic and detailed. The creativity when creating the costumes was evident. You could tell an adequate amount of time and money was spent on the costumes. There were a few mask used but they were very appropriate for the costume, such as a leather face mask that was very realistic.

Is it Scary? 

Beasthouse is for sure scary! I attended other “big name” haunts for almost double the price in the same night and Beasthouse was way scarier for me! The ankle grabbing, following down dark hallways, loud noises, and jump scares are well placed and kept me screaming. I have attended haunts in the Nashville area for the past 4-5 years and I can say Beasthouse will be a must attend for me in the upcoming years!

Bang for your buck? 

Since I stayed scared from the time I entered the Beasthouse I would say you definitely get bang for your buck. General Admission is $25; you can add a fast pass for $12. When I went, I did not get the fast passes and spent about 30 minutes in line so anyone in a hurry should take advantage of the fast pass. You can add the Beast Challenge for $15 and the Beast Jump for $10. You can also buy a combo ticket that includes all 3 attractions for $50. These are the prices for paying cash in person; the online rates offer a slight discount.


Overall, Beasthouse is a haunt you will want to attend if you are in the area. This haunt has a lot to offer and kept me scared the entire time. The fact that the haunt is inside a real life haunted mansion just adds to the fright factor. This is only the second year that Beasthouse has been in operation and I cannot wait to attend and see what they have to offer in the upcoming haunt seasons.



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