To begin my 2019 Scurryface review odyssey, I decided to treat my partner to a date night and pay a visit to my hometown haunt, Atrox Factory. Atrox Factory is located in Leeds, AL, right on Highway 78, just past Leeds’s historic downtown area, if you’re traveling east. The attraction is housed inside an enormous 50,000 square foot former clothing factory that is rumored to be actually haunted. There’s plenty of free, well lit parking across the street, and traffic guards present to ensure pedestrian safety.


We didn’t encounter any truly paranormal ghouls, but there was plenty of creepy entertainment to enjoy. There are food truck concessions and soda machines in their cafe area outside, with plenty of seating. There are several port-o-johns that are clean and well maintained, despite my initial dismay at learning there were no onsite restrooms. The main waiting area is inside the building, which is great for rainy nights so common in Alabama in mid Fall. There are free cell phone charging stations, a gift shop across from the ticket booth, a large seating area with a projection screen offering viewings of an array of classic horror films, and everything is very well decorated and staged to prepare visitors for their experience.

Atmosphere 10


Atrox does the absolute most to make sure their customers are well immersed in their experience as soon as one walks on the property. As I mentioned before, even the waiting area is well designed to psych up patrons. And inside, the main event is no different. Each scene is meticulously crafted with gorgeous (I’m a production nerd) special effects that rival those of Netherworld or Universal Studios Halloween Horror nights. And their dynamic use of space, going from truly claustrophobic to shockingly wide open areas and then back again, really conveys a sensation of dread and confusion. Atrox maintains its creepiness from the moment you walk in, to the instant you run out.



Theme/Trail  7.5


This year, I endeavor to examine whether or not the haunts in my area actually hold true to their claims of presenting a theme, or if any attempts are made at theming at all. Thematics should be cohesive throughout, and a haunt should be able to tell a tangible story as one passes through each scene, instead of relying mostly on the clichéd tropes people come to expect in every haunt they visit. Unfortunately, this is where Atrox is a little lacking. In fairness, Atrox doesn’t claim to have a theme. However, I personally feel that a lot more effort should be placed into this aspect of a haunted attraction. All that being said, while there wasn’t much in the way of a story-telling experience, the transitions between each of the scenes are very smooth and really boosted the flow of the trail quite a bit.



Special Effects 10


Like I said with atmosphere, Atrox really does do the most to create an immersive environment. And it’s all to do with their use of special effects. Their lighting is incredible. BIG high five to their lighting tech team! They don’t over-do it on the fog effects. The scene designs are really well

executed. And the animatronics! Seriously, they are timed (or sensored) to perfection, and a lot of the time, I had difficulty distinguishing the robots from the humans.



Actors 7.0


The actors were very good. The gatekeeper at the beginning of the trail is very adept at causing the heebie-jeebies. And a young woman, in what I can only describe as a cave, had very good timing, as she managed to get a little bit of a startle out of me with just a simple growl. Some improvements could be made in the way of learning the importance of using available space. I did notice quite a few actors seemed kind of lost on how to either jump scare or intimidate passing targets, especially in the more open areas. Nothing a little extra training can’t fix.



Costumes and Makeup 9


The makeup at Atrox is top notch. Most of the faces seem to be hand painted, which makes it doubly impressive, given the size of the actor roster. One small issue with makeup is that several actors had noticeably unpainted hands. The costuming is wonderfully done. Every actor was clothed according to their scene, and many costumes appeared to be professional pieces, which I find really helps in selling a scene.



Customer Service 8.5


The employees are very friendly and will answer any questions you may have. When we arrived, we were kindly directed as to where to park and where to safely cross. However, the parking attendants are not very well equipped, and as we were about to cross the road, a large truck barrelled through the crosswalk. I suspect it was due to the dim traffic light baton the crossing guard was using. I was also slightly uncomfortable with the prospect that I had my purse inspected and a metal detector scanned over my person before I was allowed entry. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate the security, but more about why such measures are deemed necessary to begin with. I don’t recall ever having to go through such security screenings at any other haunt I’ve attended, and it makes me worry about the kind of clientele Atrox expects to deal with on a nightly basis.



Is it scary? 8.5


Atrox certainly scares its fair share of visitors. While it wasn’t a particularly terrifying experience for me, I definitely enjoyed the couple of jump scares I received. I was also very entertained by the amount of horror the actors were able to instill in the group that went ahead of us. Even if I wasn’t scared, watching them be scared was definitely amusing enough to make up for it.



Bang for Your Buck 5


General admission is $20 on weeknights and Sunday, and $25 on Friday and Saturday nights. VIP tickets are $40 for any night, but only includes a fast pass to the front of the line and a cover

charge on the nights that are scheduled for special guest appearances. There is also the $100 Ultimate Date Night VIP which includes admission for two, fast pass to the front of the line, two t shirts, two fountain drinks, two tickets for the Altered State 4D Experience, and any special guest covers. I find nearly doubling the price for a simple fast pass, and then only charging $100 for the date night option a little confusing and less than economical. I would personally suggest timing your arrival appropriately and choosing just the general admission, or splitting the date night option with a friend if you want the extras.





Atrox solidly delivers on the entertainment value and was definitely a lot of fun. I will definitely be suggesting Atrox in the future.



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