My first stop this season took me to the infamous Arx Mortis located in KIllen, AL. Arx Mortis has been in business for many years now and never ceases to amaze. This year, they’ve added some more spookiness to their trails including two woods trails, a clinic trail, and prison break themed trail. For me, the prison break won me over.

Actors -

Even while in the midst of a pandemic, Arx Mortis still puts on a show and it could not be done without their talented cast. All throughout the haunt, you will find an array of different characters and all will present you with a different personality. From clowns to doctors to clinical patients, each actor delivered well. I noticed a few actors have a bit of delayed timing and one actor used some cliche lines. Nothing that can’t be fixed with a little work. Overall, I was very pleased with the performance of all of these actors. They never disappoint me and I assure you, they won’t disappoint you.

Atmosphere -

Arx Mortis keeps a year-round spooky atmosphere partially due their location and building and partially due to all the hard work put into the haunt and the trails. You can tell very quickly that this haunt spends a lot of time during the off season working to make sure it has something horrifying to present to you. Keepers Korner offers some of the best props and masks you could find at a haunt gift shop. I'm going to go out on  limb and make the claim that this gift shop is worth the drive alone. There are actors roaming about causing mayhem and shenanigans. There are drinks and snacks also available to patrons during the wait to go into the haunt. Arx Mortis does a great job of keeping patrons entertained while they wait.

Theme/Trail -

This year, Arx Mortis has extended their trails and switched them up a little bit. In the best way possible too. The woods trail has now been broken up into two different trails with actors scattered all around it. I watched many people scream and run whenever an actor popped out of the shadows. I would also like to note that when making this trail, this haunt did a great job in clearing it out and eliminating trip factors. They had just the right amount of lighting to see but not enough to give away actor positions. Inside the haunt, you will find two trails as well. You will find a clinic themed trail and a prison break themed trail. The trails are very well put together and the flow of this haunt is very natural and smooth. I didn’t ever really find myself wondering how I got into a different scene. I did notice a clown running around in the clinic which was slightly off putting as clowns don’t usually run around in asylums or clinics. The prison break trail was SOMETHING ELSE. In the best way possible. I would argue it is the best one I’ve ever seen. There was graffiti themed to the trail plastered all over the walls, a warden that was very determined to let us know that we were in for a wild ride, and a bunch of other surprises. The warden played his part so well and put a lot of heart into his character. I was super impressed. This was well worth the visit to me.

Costumes/Makeup -

Arx Mortis has never failed to impress me in the slightest with this category. Their makeup is always spot on and always looks incredible. Every actor is very well dressed for the part they played and the make up looks like something you’d see in a movie. I can’t give enough praise to their make-up artists. There's always a lot of detail and care put into both parts

Special Effects -

All of the scenes I walked through in this haunt were extremely believable. The lighting was just right in each trail. There is enough to see but not enough to break the theme or remind you that you are in a haunted house. This is another category I am always able to give Arx Mortis a high amount of praise on. The props look great, the scenes look great, and the animatronics look great. They all come together beautifully to make this haunt so terrifying. There isn’t really too much or too little of anything in this haunt. The creators of these scenes did a great job of getting it just right.

Haunt change -

Arx Mortis did switch up their trails a little bit this year and it was very refreshing. This haunt has split the woods trail up into two different trails and has added in a prison break scene which was personally my favorite. Arx Mortis pulled off creating something new but still manages to keep the old nostalgic feel of a haunt that some many have come to love.

Bang for your buck -

Is Arx Mortis worth the money and drive? Oh yeah. Absolutely. Without a doubt. This haunt is very much a must see haunt of Alabama.This haunt is definitely worth the cost of admissions and it will leave you very pleased if you end up making it out of the haunt alive. Arx Mortis always puts on a great show and i would recommend this haunt to anybody and if you're like me and live a little far from it, I would definitely say it is worth your drive to it. Also, another nice little thing about this haunt is that parking is free and there is ample room. I have never once struggled to find parking here and that in itself is a silent blessing. The trails take a good amount of time to get through as well. You aren’t waiting in a 2 to 4 hour line to walk through a 2 minute haunt. I know waiting in line can be frustrating sometimes especially when the elements are against you but I guarantee, this haunt is worth your patience. I can’t stress it enough that I would recommend this haunt to anybody.

Is it scary? -

When I got out of my car and began to walk to the entrance, I was able to hear many people screaming and when I got into the haunt, I knew why. The haunt and all parts of it are scary. The groups that I walked through with were screaming and running. We ended up losing them at one point. I could say the same for the group behind us too. I could hear them screaming despite how far away from us they were. I do believe this haunt could potentially scare anyone.

Creativity/Originality -

Arx Mortis has proven time and time again to be a very creative haunt, especially considering the changes that have been made to amp up the experience. I did not notice anything entirely too cliche or normal. I would like to give props to all the work put into the woods trail and the trail that contains the prison break. I noticed a lot of the graffiti that was used to decorate this scene and some of them were pretty amusing. I can’t say that i have seen a haunt do something like this before. A portion where the inmates are running the show and it was done perfectly. (Yes, i have mentioned this a billion times but it’s too good not to.)

Did I feel safe?

In regards to keeping patrons safe from COVID-19, Arx Mortis stuck by their regulations. They kept a policy of “No mask, No show.’ meaning if patrons are not wearing their masks or try to take their masks off while walking through the haunt, the actors will turn their back and not perform..


secret rep score 1 - 9.5

secret rep score 2 - 9.3

secret rep score 3 - 9.3

GO SEE THIS HAUNT. I can’t stress it enough. As I have said before, this haunt, it does not disappoint. Do not miss out on this haunt. If you are unable to make it during October, I definitely recommend trying to make it to their Bloody Valentine event. This haunt deserves a very high amount of praise.

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