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American Horrorplex is a second year attraction brought to you from the creative minds behind the now defunct Asylum Haunted Scream Park and The 7TH Street Haunt. While we had never visited 7TH ST during its tenure, we really enjoyed Asylum Scream Park on our visit to Louisville in 2018, so we were excited to see what the Horrorplex was all about.


This haunt is housed in a brick warehouse that is located in an industrial area NE of downtown Louisville. Parking was available in a paved lot next to another brick building next to the haunt. There was a midway of sorts set up with concessions, a merch stand, a photo opp area for guests, and a roped-off queue area with spacing clearly marked for social distancing.

Costume Makeup

The costuming and makeup were on point and professionally done. There seemed to be a good mix of makeup and masks, though the former outnumbered the later. It appeared to us that the majority, if not all, of the costuming was done in house, which gave the characters a more original look. The characters were mainly Laboratory staff; Doctors, Scientists,etc and their gastly creature creations.


We found the cast to be quite excellent, and in fact, we thought they had the best performances as a whole out of all the Louisville haunts we attended on our trip!

The energy and enthusiasm were both on very high levels, and the majority of the cast displayed an air of confidence that is rarely seen so early in the season, let alone on opening weekend! Bravo, you guys! Our favorite actors included the doctor in the intro, the young actors near the beginning, the psycho character who let out one of the longest screams we’ve ever heard, and the young lady and creature that was tormenting her in the second to last scene of our tour. Actors were evenly distributed throughout the haunt and we didn’t encounter dead spaces.

Trail Experience

Group spacing was excellent as we didn’t see or hear any other groups during our entire tour. We also didn’t notice any dead spaces, as it seemed to us like something was happening in just about every scene. Also there was a very good flow from room to room, as nothing felt out of place or forced, and we seemed to spend about the same amount of time in each room. One thing we really appreciate is that we were not rushed along by the actors, so everything felt more natural and realistic.

The Central theme revolved around a secret laboratory and a collection of medical/scientific experiments gone wrong. It really did feel like we were exploring a secret laboratory of some mad scientist. This theme was fairly consistent through each progressive scene, although the ending was a little bit confusing for us. Overall the trail experience was really good during our tour.

Bang For Your Buck

General admission tickets are $25 and our total tour time was 15 minutes. That gives us an MPD score (minutes of entertainment per dollar spent) of 0.60, which is in line with the other haunts we visited in and around downtown Louisville.


It seemed to us that the majority of the visuals and sfx were made in house, which we often prefer as it helps to give the attraction its own distinctness. The Horrorplex isn’t an attraction that is overly reliant on big budget props and set pieces. The scenes were nicely detailed throughout our journey. The sets were filled with custom made props, what looked to be authentic laboratory/ medical equipment, and real household furnishings. SFX were well done and featured effective lighting and sound effects. Our favorite aspect of this category was all the interesting contraptions, gadgets, and strange scientific machinery that was constantly buzzing, beeping, and/or making strange noises.

Was It Scary?

Yes indeed. We got startled quite a few times during our journey. We especially enjoyed the high energy from the cast which kinda put us on edge from scene to scene. We found the scares to be quite unpredictable, effectively timed, and equally distributed between my review partner and me.


This haunt gets high marks for originality and creativity as pretty much the entire show is made in-house. From the Costuming/Makeup to the SFX/Visuals,there were a lot of different aspects that gave the haunt a unique look and feel. We really appreciate the fact that most of the show was created in-house rather than purchased through vendors and put together.

Did I Feel Safe?

Yes. We had our temperature checked before we were allowed to enter the queue line area. The queue itself had spaces marked for each group for social distancing, staff members were continuously sanitizing touchpoints, and of course, face masks were required.


This was one of our favorite attractions that we visited during our trip to KY and we highly recommend you include them in your October plans. We found American Horrorplex to be a highly entertaining show with a wonderful cast, creative sets, and really good scares. We definitely plan to return the next time we are in the Louisville area.