This is my last stop on my haunt tour in Virginia. Amelia Fright Fest is a .8 mile hike through the heart of farm country. This place is an old school haunt that is also a charity for local schools. When you do drive in the waiting area it has a couple of food vendors. One of them has some amazing burgers and a delicious fried cinnamon roll which the owners told me was amazing and is in fact amazing!!! They had a kettle corn vendor and of course you don't want to miss the Amelia fright fest merch booth with their "I survived Amelia Fright Fest" shirt. Once you buy your tickets they will put you on a tractor ride and take you to the haunt as a character will enlighten you on the 

continuation of Noble's story.

Atmosphere - 8.3

 The parking / vendor area is pretty big and is set up with three vendors and The Ringmaster/ one of the owners out front talking to guest and even scaring some of them while waiting for the tractor to take them to the attraction. The food is perfect for a cold night with some BBQ and waffle fries. During the course of the night some of the actors like Carnage, Mayhem, and even Night Night will come out of the forest to 

mingle with the guest. Carnage will get things heated up with some Fire breathing. Mayhem and Night Night will chase some people around with their chainsaw and take pics with guest while they wait. Once that tractor pulls up to the entrance the darkness of the night ensues you and when you walk into the first building..... The Fear begins. 

Special Effects - 8

 Old school haunts strive on old fashion hand built special effects. From one guttural chainsaw that was modified to a room with a spark fence that had a couple of hand built animatronics, the real special effects was the fall of night. They use the guest sight going back and forth from lights to darkness to disorient you. 

Customer Service - 10

 Southern hospitality is one of the things hear in the south at majority of haunts live by. From the "Hey Y'all" to the "Drive safe and have a great night" you can hear the genuine feel of family with this haunt. Even at the area that they pick you up from at the end of the haunt with a fire barrel and a staff member or more are there to hang out with you. 

Theme/Trail - 8.5

 With you finding out the continuation of Noble's story while you are taken to the haunt... You find out a bit of the history of the story that the owners are building on this season. Noble wants to know your fears and he is the one that will find it and use it as a token against you. The Actors remind you at each building and even on the path that Noble is waiting for you and is watching. They do have staff in some areas that will guide you through the woods and also are stationed near the steps which does not take away from the haunt at all some even play into scenes as well. 

Costumes/Makeup - 7

 You might find a couple of higher end clown mask but most of this haunt is make up and some hand made costumes. For being a non profit haunt they still have some great make up artist. Even some of the props had been massively overhauled to look

different then what they actually are used for. Even the kids that work there are dressed up to put on a show for each guest. Just cause the path is lit up in tiki torches does not mean you wont see some of this art work done by the make up team.

Is it Scary? - 9.7

 So The group I walked in with didn't last very long and was screaming in the first part of the attraction. By the end of the night

5 groups could not make it through the entire haunt. The Fears they portray are the ones that get most people. Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Unknown, Fear of Death, and yes the Fear of Clowns. They hype your senses to where it needs to be to enjoy this haunt. You don't know where the scares will be coming from and they hold a few surprises up their sleeves just to mess with you some more. 

Actors - 8

 These Actors at Amelia Fright Fest really put a lot of work in their characters they portray. After talking to a few of them

the ideas for evolving their characters are going to be awesome to see. So a few things I did notice you are not going to see your generic characters like a Micheal Myers or Jason Voorhees even though a few of those guys would play them nicely for their size,

they pretty much stay away from characters like that. You will find a very nicely done Joker and Harley that are pretty messed up and yeah I am not going to give too much away on those 2 you just have to seem them for yourself. Seeing the younger kids working rooms with the adults really throws you for a loop cause the kids you will not see coming at all. The Legacy of this haunt is in those young kids and High School kids.

Bang for your buck - 9

 Even with this being one attraction and being a charity haunt the path alone takes you almost an hour to get through. They have tables set up so you can actually sit down and enjoy the food and have a meal with friends and people you may not know. This attraction is $25.00 for a family atmosphere it is worth it and to support the local schools in Amelia it is worth it. 


 You can not go wrong with checking out Amelia Fright Fest. This haunt is old fashion to its roots and they are on the path to be doing some amazing things in the future!!! Its just a fun haunt to visit and one that if you live in VA and want to check out some haunts make the drive to Amelia Fright Fest and have a fun night get scared and enjoy some time with family and friends. From my experience there I was glad to 

end my haunt tour in Amelia. Knowing some insider info on what they are looking at to do next season with Noble's story and the haunt itself you will not want to miss out cause they will overhaul the haunt and make it bigger and better each season. One of the best things I heard from the Owners was telling their actors "Haunt like you Hunt" this they do perfectly!



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