As a kid, my dad and I loved traveling to haunted houses together and we loved the Halloween season when we would set up elaborate scenes around our house to scare visitors. In 2014, when our local Fire Department decided to do a haunted house as a fundraiser, I was naturally elated! This was the moment I had waited my entire life for! My entire family, including my husband and two kids, volunteered countless hours for the event each year. For three years, I worked multiple positions in the haunt simultaneously! I worked in public relations and marketing, set design, as well as makeup and costume design. But my very favorite part of the haunt was my time as a scare actor. I lives for the jumps, the screams, and even the occasional spontaneous release of the bladder! When the department decided not to hold the event for 2017, I was devastated to be missing out on the excitement of the haunt industry. So I am beyond excited to now get to continue my involvement in the industry as a reviewer for!



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