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My official haunt tour finally gets to kick off in 2021. I am fortunate enough for my first stop to be 10 minutes down the road from my own house.

Haunt 4 Heroes opened up for the first time in Center Point, Alabama.

This community has not had a quality haunted attraction since I was teenager, which would have been the late 90’s. Yes, I just dated myself.

Haunt 4 Heroes is a 100% charity haunt that gives back to our veterans. It is brought to you by Three Hots and a Cot which is an amazing organization.

It is not hard to find or miss for that matter. When you travel down Old Springville Rd. you can’t miss the lights, the fog and the hand built façade of an old western town.

Parking is a little tricky if you’re not paying attention. You’ll park down the road and they will shuttle you to the actual haunt. Make sure you’re paying attention and not parking in front of the haunt, like I did.

I have been to many first year haunts and many first year charity haunts. Typically, these types haunts you don’t go in with huge expectations. They typically are “black plastic” or “Black tarp” haunts. Not this place. When I arrived, I automatically had the mindset that it would be the same type of establishment. I was dead wrong. They put A LOT of time building sets and scenes and it’s a lot bigger than it appears from the road.


Midway/Que-line experience

After the shuttle drops you off, you will be front and center with the ticket booth. Once you purchase your ticket, you will advance into a huge area where you can hang out, take pictures of the decorated house, the western façade and many other things. They offer food/drinks and tables for you to sit while you eat. There’s a really unique “brain tossing” game where you have to ring the moving zombie heads. I’ve seen many mallet launch games, but not like this. I was told this game was an original concept and I absolutely love it. The midway isn’t built to be scary, but more of a great hangout family atmosphere. They did a great job with it because it is very welcoming and it definitely sends the message to the passing traffic, “Hey, there’s something spooky going on here!”

Walkthrough Experience

The experience lasted roughly around 18 minutes and at $15 per person, that’s not a bad bang for your buck. They did have a large portion of sections that did not have actors which definitely could amp up the experience. But they know this and I was told this prior to my experience. They are looking for more individuals to volunteer their time, no different than EVERY haunt out who is dealing with the same issue. That being said, the scenes kept my group on their toes not knowing when the next scare would come. There were times where I did not expect a good scare to pop out. So, it’s very unpredictable and that leads to quality scares throughout.

Eye candy/Visuals

I really appreciated the attention to detail and craftsmanship that Haunt 4 Heroes offered in this experience. There were scenes where I was blown away when it came to the lighting and detail. Every inch of this haunt was covered, they refused to leave any blank areas. A lot of it reminded me of those old fashion haunts that I went to as a kid. Of course, they offer a lot of modern day visuals and animatronics. A few of my favorites include the façade leading into the clown house, the hallway of lost souls (if I got the title wrong, I apologize). The sparking chainsaw is something unique from this crew. I can’t wait to see what this crew does for future seasons!


The one downside is the lack of actors. Again, they are very aware of this but nonetheless, it can hinder the experience for patrons. The ones that were there, they did a wonderful job as they attempted multiple scares  throughout the entire experience. They didn’t give up on the group that I was in, worked the entire scene and even made multiple appearances throughout.



Other than the amazing charity work that they do, this is where Haunt 4 Heroes shines.

The sheer creativity and originality this haunt pulls off is simply amazing. This is what I love about the smaller haunts in the industry, it shows off and brings out this type of creativity. From the hand built Western Façade and zombie game out front, to the final scene of the walkthrough. Haunt 4 Heroes delivers a unique experience for haunt lovers. If you don’t appreciate and fall in love with the creativity that this haunt shows. Don’t go to any more haunts this season.



All and all, this haunt has firmly planted a very strong foundation to grow and get better. With It being their first year and 100% charity haunt. I’m in love with this place and I can’t wait to see where they go from this point. Gaining more actors would tremendously improve the experience for paying customers and that will come with time. I definitely encourage folks in Center Point and surrounding areas to give Haunt 4 Heroes a chance. They do it for an amazing cause and offer opportunities for you to give back. 

Another thing, the passion they have for haunting shows through their hard work that they put in with this event.

Personal Notes

This is where I get to put my personal opinion and personal preferences on certain things that I noticed. With the lack of actors so far, I thought they did a very good job with spreading themselves out to attempt multiple scares. If short handed to this extreme, I felt there were opportunities where one actor could follow the group through certain areas or hallways to keep the group on edge. Could lead them to a scene and have the patrons attention on them only to get a great distraction scare from a different actor. Could repeat this throughout the entire haunt until staffing increases. It would eliminate a lot of the dead space and could help cover more ground. If Patrons feel they constantly see an actor, to them it feels they are not ignored or potentially not get bored with the experience due to the lack of interaction. I believe this is truly the only downside to the experience, but definitely can be improved with schemes like just mentioned.

Additional Notes

Something I want to mention going off when I said that you can give back. You can gift a ticket for a Veteran to this attraction at the ticket booth or on their website. It will be half the price for you but the ticket will go to a Veteran who can come on any night of their choice. I think that is a very cool and great thing that this haunt does.

This haunt is also wheelchair accessible.


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