With covid, this will vary from haunt to haunt. Some haunts will not offer a midway experience, some will. If the haunt offers a midway experience, nothing changes. We'll talk about what it’s like, what they offer, if any actor interactions? Is it just a que-line or open space waiting. Is it Inside or outside waiting or both? Are there any Visual effects while waiting? What kind of entertainment offered? Is it free? Do they charge? Is it quality entertainment? 
If the haunt does not offer a midway experience, we'll simply state that the haunt did not offer the midway due to covid guidelines and explain what they did instead and leave it at that.

 Were they quality costumes? Did they fit the area or theming of scenes? Were they cheap or cheesy looking? Did they wear them properly? Meaning, did we see the bibbs of the mask flopping out, were they not tucked in? Were masks too big on actors making it look silly? If movie icon characters are there, did they look the part? Or were they cheap knockoffs? Were they placed correctly? Did you find Jason running around in a hospital scene with a cheap mask? Etc...
Makeup, same concept. How detailed was the makeup? Did it fit the characters and scenes? Was it done in a way to help bring the character’s part come to life? Did we notice their prosthetic pieces falling off the actor or not placed properly? As long as the makeup is done in a positive way for the characters in that scene to get the job done and to pull off the appearance, that is not a negative.

How interactive were they? Were they high energy? Were they original? How was their timing? How well did they work the scene/group? Did they pick on one person in the group and ignore the rest? How did they act after the initial jump scare? Did any use the “no, no” terms, “GET OUT!” “Wanna play a game?” or worst of all “Boo!” or “rawr”. Was it like walking through a silent movie? Did they just snarl and growl? Etc... 

~Trail experience and theming~ 
How was the trail experience? Did the scenes transition smoothly? For example, did you go through a doctor's office and exit into a graveyard? Did the transitions make sense? Do they rely more on actors or animatronics or was it a good balance of both?  Were there any dead spots that actors should have been in? Did you notice exposed fog machines, extension cords, animatronic mechanisms that should be out of sight or covered? Issues with conga lines, catching up to groups? 
Theming, if the haunt promotes a theme with the experience, did they follow the theme? Did the characters, scenes play into that promoted theme? If the haunt has no promoted theme. We will not even bring it up in the review.

~Bang for your buck~ 
How long was your total experience compared to overall ticket price? Did you feel the experience was worth the price of admission? For example, if a ticket is $25 and the experience only lasts 15 minutes. That is pretty short for the price of admission. How much entertainment is included with that ticket price? What do they offer in the midway? Were you fully entertained throughout the entire experience? 
We will time our experience the minute our Reps enter the first scene. Wait times in the midway do not count towards this category. Some haunts will purposely keep you waiting longer for multiple reasons, 2 being to make themselves look more crowded and the other is an attempt to take up your night preventing you from possibly visiting another haunt in the area. 3 hours is our limit when it comes to wait time, should not take 3 hours to get you into the haunt. Especially when there are less than 500 people in the midway. Wait time will be considered into the final scoring.


~Special Effects/ Visual~ 
How does the haunt utilize special effects? How did the scenes and detail look? How was the lighting in the scenes? Was it too dark? Was it too lit up?  Did all the animatronics work? Did animatronics fit with the scenes or theming? Did their appearance look maintained or in poor condition?

~Is it scary?~
This category isn’t about whether or not our Reps got scared. It’s about gauging the group we're with. If the patrons seem to get frightened and scared, that is a positive. If we happen to be in a group by ourselves, we know whether or not the actor's tactics will get quality scares from the typical haunt goer. If we do happen to get scared or they got a jump scare out of us. We'll mention it and it's a plus.

It's self explanatory, how creative and original the haunt was. We'll mention it without giving away spoilers. This category isn’t to compare with other haunts, it’s to gauge how unique that haunt is and to shine a light on its originality and creativity.

~Haunt Change~ NEW CATEGORY
This is talk about the changes the haunt made from the previous year without spoilers. It can be a huge change, little change or could be no change at all. Just know this, change is good and it should happen every year. 

If the Rep has never been to the haunt, the Rep will put "First time experience" for this category.

This is a very important category for 2020.
Did the haunt properly follow their own guidelines that they set in place? Did the staff follow their own guidelines? Did at any point we felt uncomfortable during our experience?
Every haunt will have their own guidelines. We'll use this category according to their guidelines set in place. We will NOT compare it to other haunts and we will NOT use this category for our own personal views of covid and how we think it should be done.

This category will sum up our entire experience. We will try to be detailed without giving spoilers or writing a novel. But we're not going to give you an entire haunt review summed up in 2 or 3 paragraphs either. Haunts don't deserve that and we're going to do our best to give a professional honest review.
This will be the ONLY score in the review the haunt will receive. We will take every category into consideration to determine a final score.

*NOTE* In Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. You will see multiple scores under overall. Those multiple scores are from Secret Reps who visited the same haunt on different nights. It's meant to test the consistency of the haunt and our reviewers throughout the season. Yes, we even double and triple check our own reps to make sure we're keeping up on our standard to maintain fairness and honesty.

Scores range are as follows:
0 – 2.9 = Best avoid
3 – 4.9 = Below Average
5 – 5.9 = Average
6 – 7.5 = Very Good
7.6 - 8.5 =  Great
8.6 - 9.9 = MUST SEE


We know 2020 is definitely a weird year and we are trying our best to accommodate each and every haunt to what their own guidelines are and still trying to stay honest to what we do best. Which are fair, honest unbiased reviews from industry experienced individuals.

We do NOT base our reviews off personal preference like a lot of the "haunt fan reviewers" out there do. Our reviews are not subjective like most out there are, nor do we compare haunts to others during our reviews. Our criteria is very straightforward and was written by haunters, previous haunt owners and managers.  Our reviews and criteria is for the average haunt goer's out there, not done for other enthusiasts. Also, our reviews are for owners and managers to see what they may can improve on or to show praise on what they worked so hard on. It doesn't take fancy formulas to properly and professionally review haunts. It simply takes industry experience.


Another Scurryface promise. You will not see Reps voice their political opinions in any review. Some haunts out there will touch on political things during their experience in which, that is fine and it's their right. Our Reps will review what is presented off quality and entertainment or simply just mentioned without judgement. All of our personal political viewpoints, opinions and feelings stay in the vehicle once we shut the doors while we are on the property representing Scurryface.

Scurryface itself is a politics free entity in the industry.


We know this season is very important to every single haunt out there who decided to brave the storm and open their doors. Regardless what your review ends up being. We support you and we wish you well and thank you for keeping the doors open.