Scurry Scale for Overall score

1.9 or less  = A Huge Thumbs Down. Terrible

2 – 3.9 = One Choppie. Needs to improve

4 - 4.9  = Two Choppies. Below average

5 - 5.9  = Three Choppies. Average

6 - 6.9  = Four Choppies. Above Average

7 - 8.9  = Four half Choppies. Very good

9 - 9.9  = Five Choppies. MUST SEE

10          = Six Choppies. AMAZING

My final haunt of the 2018 season brings me to Greensboro, North Carolina. The Woods Of Terror!

All of the off season I heard such crazy and great things about this haunt. Things like, “You won’t experience any thing like it.” “The experience is so long”. I even heard, “You might die”. I think that one came from one of the actors, but, I still heard it.  As the season grew closer, we decided to contact the haunt and see about making the trip. Well, the owner Eddie McLaurin invited us out and we couldn’t resist the invitation. We decided to take the longest trip that we’ve ever taken to visit a haunt since we started ScurryFace. Over 9 hours later, we arrive at The Woods Of Terror. Well, not exactly. The GPS led us right to a cul-de-sac with nothing around us except nice houses and woods. The GPS lady said, “You’ve arrived at your destination” and we look at each other like, “we were just set up to get murdered. Thanks Woods of Terror”.  Luckily, the GPS was a little hung over from the previous night of partying with the Clown Cartel and she had us make a left turn a little too soon. The correct turn was just 100 yards further down the road. When you finally make that correct turn, you quickly realize that you ARE now at a major haunted attraction. You could tell that they were gearing up for a potentially record-breaking night. We had not even entered their mid-way and we were already blown away at the size of this place. Our haunt senses started tingling as we realized we were about to experience something very special and unique.


Professional, courteous, caring about your time spent at the woods and they care about your experience. Top notch customer service all the way around.


Absolutely! With the timing and energy of their actors to the incredible set designs. You never know what to expect with each turn. You’d think with the trail being so long it would start to become mundain for the patron. Not at all. They keep the scares and the entertainment coming throughout.


The special effects throughout WOT is amazing. Starting at the Mid-way and then  throughout each attraction. We didn’t see any flaws or anything that made us question it’s point. For outside haunts. That is where you typically will see things like obvious exposed extension cords or poorly placed fog machines. We didn’t see any of that here at WOT. They go to the extreme detail to try their best to hide those from the public eye. I definitely have to give 4 attractions the big thumbs on this category: Euphoria, Minors Massacre, House of blood and Blackbeard's Revenge


Every single actor looked amazing. Detailed and themed from head to toe. The makeup artists do a fantastic job at bringing these characters to life with extremely detailed designs. I absolutely loved the pirates! I still can’t get over pirates in a haunted house. But, they are there. And they look like pirates doing their pirate things. Every single actor fits their themed attraction to perfection. It is rare to see this. I would compare this kind of standard to Universal and Disney. That is the level that WOT is on in my opinion.


The Mid-Way experience is worth the price alone.
But, you also get an hour-long haunted trail experience to go along with the mid-way. Woods Of Terror is definitely worth the price of admission. And it’s worth the gas it will cost to get you to and from Woods Of Terror, maybe even the round-trip plane ticket to get you to Woods Of Terror. Scurryface does have a lot of German followers who watch our shows and read our reviews. So, let’s end this category with.

"Besuchen Sie Woods Of Terror. Es ist deine Zeit und dein Geld wert"


Yes, I’m saying it is worth the money for someone to come from Germany to visit and then go home.


If I could give this an 11,  I would. I don’t care where you are in the country,  it is worth the travel to Greensboro to witness it. Woods of Terror offers the absolute best haunt atmosphere I’ve ever seen or experienced. The originality of everything they do just sets the standard. I know a lot of haunts offer haunt parades prior to opening.  But, nothing like Woods Of Terror. You simply can not duplicate their opening ceremony. It’s a one of kind. The actors come out following a hearse while the band up on stage is setting the tone for the patrons. The actors arrive at the stage and then Bone Daddy comes out and delivers one of the coolest renditions of our National Anthem I’ve ever heard. It’s not done over a PA system. They perform it on stage in front of the actors, the entire crew and patrons. And when the song kicks in, the sky is lit up with fireworks and every single monster in the mid-way is dancing and mosh pitting to the Star-Spangled Banner. Words cannot describe this scene. You have to truly experience this first hand to really understand the whole picture of what is happening. It’s truly amazing, and that is just the opening ceremony. From that point on, their mid-way turns into a gigantic party for everyone. They have a DJ playing music and a dance floor right in front of the stage for patrons. Don’t be surprised if you see characters come join in on the fun. I believe there was a character by the name of “Relish the clown”, I’m not sure. But, he was out there having twerk offs with any patron that challenged him. The band comes back out every 30 minutes or so to play a song and get every one amped up. They offer multiple vendors that sell food and snacks. Plenty of side attractions to partake in. They have multiple merch stores. They have an area that you can make s’mores in. They also have a “Scare free zone” for the kids or adults. The atmosphere that Woods of Terror creates is simply amazing. It’s fun, it’s interactive and yes, it is also scary. The atmosphere/mid-way experience alone is worth the trip to Woods of Terror.


You get 12 attractions on one single trail. They are:

Arachnophobia: Yeah…… That sums it up. If you don’t like spiders. You won’t make it through this attraction. I loved the detail to the walls the ceilings and even the floor. Webs everywhere. There is a reason this attraction doesn’t need actors. Spiders are scarierier.

Night Stalkers: This is where you begin to run into the actors. I love the Jeeper Creepers look to it with the School bus and the Creeper himself. Some really amped up scares throughout this section. But, the one thing I absolutely loved about this were the things on the Creeper’s head that actually moved. Granted, I’m not sure if was meant to move. But, it did and it did it at the perfect time.

Industrial Nightmare: I felt the intensity really picked up during this experience when it came to actors and the scares. It definitely pulled off the industrial feel and had you on edge with unexpected surprises.

3D Euphoria: One of the,  if not the, best 3D experience I’ve ever seen. We’ve been in the industry for a long time and the 3D glasses thing was cool back in 2000 and 01. But, it got to a point where it became stale and old news. Haunts were just being lazy with it and not taking care of the glasses or the art work. WOT makes it amazing again. They have some incredible artwork that is on display. There were many times that I was just so taken aback at some of the effects. It made me easy prey for the actors to get a great startle. That’s another thing, the actors in this area are amazing. They also have a live DJ inside this section. No other haunt that I’ve been to offers this unique experience.

House Of Blood: We really enjoyed just walking up to this attraction. Before you entered the doors, you were already put on edge by the greeter and the surroundings. I loved the dark vibe of this house. A lot of haunted attractions have given Vampires the boot. Not at WOT. They dedicate an entire experience to Vampires and it’s great to see vampires given their justice at a haunt.

The Awakening: What haunt doesn’t offer zombies? Every haunt has zombies. But, not every haunt dedicates an entire attraction to zombies. WOT does just this. Full on graveyard setup with nothing but you, the moonlight and flesh-eating zombies. The one actor pulling what seemed like a chain from the grave or casket was a smart scare tactic.

Horrorwood Cinemas: Hands down my favorite experience on the trail. I am a fan of movie slashers, but most haunts nowadays can’t do the characters justice. They’re either poorly costumed or poorly portrayed. Or in most cases, both.  Here at WOT, not only do they bring these characters to life, they make it realistic for the patrons. As you approach the cinema, which looks like a movie theater, you enter and make your journey through slasher movie heaven. They give you Elm Street. They give you Haddonfield. They give you Camp Crystal Lake. The facades are simply incredible and really plant you firmly within the illusion of being in these fictional places. They built the Elm Street House. Lori Strode’s home. Boat houses for Crystal Lake. It’s simple incredible.

Blackbeards Revenge: PIRATES! A BOAT! Yes, they have a boat. Yes, you do get to come aboard. This is one of the coolest scenes. I’m not scared of pirates and I don’t know who is. But, that is not the point. WOT is not scared to sick pirates on you. I absolutely loved the vibe to this section with the skeletons in cages, to the alligators beneath you as you walk across the bridge to go into the boat. Only one place does a Pirate experience better than WOT. That is at Disney World. And ONLY when Johnny Depp shows up to dress as Jack Sparrow.

Minors Massacre: What I absolutely loved about this attraction is the simple fact, I don’t know whether or not I was actually underground. It was dirty, gritty, muddy. It made you feel nasty walking through it. The details and props were amazing. The thought process that brought this section to life is amazing. Oh yeah, we can’t forget about the actors hiding within the mines as well. This attraction does a really good job with making you forget that actors exist.

The Slaughterhouse: I loved the feel of this house. I loved the detail to the floors, the walls, the kitchen, and the living room. The actors did an amazing job with this attraction. Some really great scares comes within the Slaughterhouse. Especially the teddy bear.

The Purge: It was short but a great lead in to the final attraction. You come out of the Slaughterhouse and actors are basically coming at you from all angles. It really felt like chaos was ensuing.

Blackout Terror: Exactly what it says. You might as well put that bag over your head and experience it the way it’s meant to be experienced. I promise you this. You’ll have a shockingly great time through this one.


With a cast of 100 plus. You’d think I would have ran into at least 1 of them with bad timing, breaking character, not being in their spot. Not at all. Every single one of them was doing their jobs. And how do I know this? I had the pleasure of seeing them all backstage and during the parade. And walking through the trail. I remember and recognized every single one of them. The talent here at Woods of Terror is simply unbelievable. They work all year long to develop their characters and to perfect their scares.  They utilize their scenes and surroundings so very well. They know what works and what doesn’t work while in their scenes. Their energy during groups is relentless and they are able to entertain while getting multiple scares. And that is the actors on the trail. We’re not even talking about the actors out in the mid-way. Before our arrival, we were told, “You know, we have the best actors in the industry, right?” My reply was, “We’ll see”. Well, we came. We saw. They were right.

Congrats to the entire crew. Your relentless hard work has paid off!


In 2014, we changed our scoring system and format. Re-wrote the criteria to make it more detailed, more accurate and more credible. It is a very tough criteria to get a high score on much less a perfect score on.

Woods of Terror has accomplished something that haunts have been chasing for years.

The Perfect Score.

Scurryface has the most detailed credible criteria in the country when it comes to haunt reviews. No other site touches our accuracy or criteria. No other site touches our years of experience within the industry. Just like the Woods of Terror. We are “Often imitated. But, never duplicated”.
Getting a perfect 10 from us, is like seeing Halley's Comet. It’s extremely rare. That’s what Woods of Terror just achieved. They earned every single bit of it.

Woods of Terror is not a must-see haunt.  Woods of Terror is a MUST-EXPERIENCE EVENT!

They have definitely set the standard when it comes to originality and quality haunt entertainment. What I love most about Woods of Terror. They do their own thing. They don’t go to these big conventions and just buy up elaborate scenes that were someone else’s creation. They don’t buy them and ship them back to the haunt and then plug and place. They build from the ground up. Woods of Terror brings back the true meaning of a haunted attraction. It’s about bringing original creative ideas to life.  I can’t sit here and say that Woods of Terror is the best haunt in the country, because I have not been to every haunt in the country. But, I can say this.

Woods of Terror is absolutely the best haunt experience I’ve ever had in my life.

And I’ve been to A LOT of haunts.

Congrats to the entire staff and crew of the Woods of Terror.

You earned a perfect score.



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