Scurry Scale for Overall score

1.9 or less  = A Huge Thumbs Down. Terrible

2 – 3.9 = One Choppie. Needs to improve

4 - 4.9  = Two Choppies. Below average

5 - 5.9  = Three Choppies. Average

6 - 6.9  = Four Choppies. Above Average

7 - 8.9  = Four half Choppies. Very good

9 - 9.9  = Five Choppies. MUST SEE

10          = Six Choppies. AMAZING

Harvest located in downtown Scottsboro, AL is a pretty easy drive and google maps will take you straight to the location. When arriving at Harvest you are met with a large warehouse looking building. The warehouse is old and gives a wonderful feel and atmosphere to the experience. Once you walk through the large steel doors of the building you enter a large room and make your way to the ticket booth. Once you purchase your ticket, regular or VIP Admission, that has a character name on the front, you then wait for your character name to be called. While you wait there is merchandise located in two different corners of the room to purchase from. You can make your way to the concession stand or you can make your way into the theatre room to catch a scary film while you wait.

Have you ever wanted to feel like you were thrown straight into a scary story or wanted to feel like you were in a scary movie? That is the experience you will get at Harvest. This story is the creation of Greg Gamble and with his team has brought the story of Harvest Maximum Security Asylum to life. From creating their own masks, to an amazing layout and design of this haunt, to the attention to character development as you make your way through this seamless story. The patients that you will encounter here at Harvest have been brought here because they are the worst of the worst killers. The Doctors here at Harvest believe they have come up with a new treatment for even the most troubled to be able to rest the chemical imbalance and the brain. Unfortunately, something has gone terribly wrong, the new treatment has zombified some patients and others it has made them more violent. Now Eric “The Destroyer” has been brought to Harvest, he is the ultimate worst of the worst. Upon admission to Harvest he has gotten lose and has now released the rest of the patients and killers that are contained here at Harvest. This is what is going on while you are visiting Harvest and now you must follow an officer through Harvest for him to try to get you through the asylum as safely as possible. If you follow the directions and stay together there is a possibility you will make it out unharmed. This is a completely new kind of experience, with an Enhanced VIP Experience, which means that you will be touched and possibly asked to participate in the story as you and your group make your way through Harvest. I cannot wait to see what this group will bring to the experience in the future.

Theme/Trail: 10

So, this haunt offers a lot of visual content, from the beginning to end. The rooms are so well executed, from the lighting to the overall look of each. The flow of the rooms tells the whole story. They have a very well thought out story and they have stuck to it, so well that you might as well be in a horror movie or scary story for real

Atmosphere: 9

The atmosphere here is great, this group is so welcoming and have really taken the time to make the front area feel comfortable while you wait. They have really paid attention to the history and style of the building and have tried to keep it as authentic to when it was built and to the to the story.

Costuming / Makeup: 10

The makeup here is very well done, they did very well to keep in mind that these are patients and have made it story appropriate. The costumes matched, you don’t feel like anyone doesn’t fit their scene. The main characters are very cool, they had some very interesting masks that I had not seen in another haunt and that is because they are all created by this group at Harvest.

Actors: 10

Even though some of the actors had never acted before they did a very good job. Their veteran actors have done well with the new actors showing them how to utilize their spaces and how to stay with the group until they have completely left the area. The actors that do touch you, do so in a way that is creepy and a little unnerving as they are pulling you back as the group leaves you. There are also times that you will encounter actors that you might interact with WHEN INSTUCTED to do so. This group really pays attention to the little details of their acting and not one time did I find a single person that broke character. Even when being dragged, thrown, and pushed into walls this group really brought a level that I am not sure that I have encountered before. You can tell that they have worked extremely hard to try to perfect their characters and their timing for a truly engaging experience.

Special Effects: 10

The lighting in each scene was great and made you feel like you really were in the Maximum Security Institute environment they were trying to create. In every room I feel as they paid a lot of attention to the details to make it feel as authentic and creepy as they possibly could. There is only one room that contains animatronics, and they are truly just part of the background to the human actors that the room contains.

Customer Service:10

This group is very friendly. They truly care about what they are trying to accomplish. The level of professionalism from this group was great, they took the time to answer my questions and give me all the back story to their group and the story of the haunt. Greg and his staff are truly a great group to lead this group of actors. He was waiting for us on the other side when we emerged and wanted to know what our opinions were, and he was very open to it all. This is a great group of people and if you have a question about anything just ask, they will love talking to you.

Is it Scary?: 9.25

Yes, this group pays attention and does a great job at trying to interact with every person in the group. This group puts out high energy and keeps your mind going from room to room as far as what are you going to see next. This group really takes their level to acting to a whole other level, I can always honestly say that after a few rooms in I found myself making sure to keep wall behind me even if it meant walking sideways down a hallway.

Bang for Your Buck: 9

$15 for the regular ticket or $25 for the VIP Enhanced Experience ticket. I felt like it was worth the price, I did the VIP Enhanced Experience, which means that you will be touched throughout the attraction. The length of the trail was probably a good 30- 40 minute depending on how well your group can make it through.


Harvest is a great experience and a completely different experience than that of other haunts I have experienced. They are worth the drive to Scottsboro, AL to see the amount of hard work and dedication this group has put into the details of their haunt. They have taken this space and utilized it in some very interesting ways and used so much of it to give you an attraction that is definitely worth seeing. They are definitely growing and moving their way up, to make sure that every person is left with the best experience that they can offer. They still have more room to grow and expand and can’t wait to see where they will take it from here.



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