Scurry Scale for Overall score

1.9 or less  = A Huge Thumbs Down. Terrible

2 – 3.9 = One Choppie. Needs to improve

4 - 4.9  = Two Choppies. Below average

5 - 5.9  = Three Choppies. Average

6 - 6.9  = Four Choppies. Above Average

7 - 8.9  = Four half Choppies. Very good

9 - 9.9  = Five Choppies. MUST SEE

10          = Six Choppies. AMAZING

My haunt tour is about to hit its final leg . But, before I hit the home stretch, find myself in Jay, Florida for Creepy Hollow Woods. I came to this little gem in 2017 and was pretty shocked at the amount of punch they delivered. I couldn’t wait to see the additions and changes for this season. This season, they no longer have the “Blackest Road”. They added in a street light due to the fact that they are now parking cars across the road. The entrance is now lit up much better. It actually looks like an entrance to a wooded trail and no longer an entrance to the wooded black hole. You still have to venture through the woods to reach the ticket booth, which I still love. It brings the creepiness to life and sometimes you get stuck out in the middle of it due to the high volume of patrons waiting in line. Don’t be surprised if you notice some monsters lurking around. Especially the “buffest” Michael Myers ever. We’ll get to that in the costume department. But, after you purchase tickets, you’ll notice things have definitely changed with their midway. It’s definitely a positive change that adds more entertainment and excitement as you wait.

Atmosphere – 9.5
Taking a stroll through the woods just to buy tickets, you suddenly find yourself out in a wide-open field. I kind of describe their mid-way like being in the eye of a hurricane. You think it’s safe and calm. But, little do you know the storm of monsters is closely approaching. It offers up a very creepy vibe as they entertain you with movies, venders and numerous actors roaming around. Even the Porta-Potties get involved in the scares. I hope that one gets actor of the night. I’m serious. There was one thing I noticed at the entrance to the haunt. At times it can seem to be a little chaotic and confusing. I did over hear a decent amount of patrons wondering where to go or what to do. Last year they offered a que-line and this season they got rid of it. A roped off que-line has it’s benefits and has its negatives. Their mid-way has ample of space to really do anything they wanted to do. Shane and Alex are always brainstorming ideas to make everything better. I have no doubts they’ll come up with a creative way to get patrons into the haunt for 2019.

Costume/Makeup – 9
Same as 2017. I did not see any character that did not look the part or that was out of place. The costuming was very well done and fit the roles. The make up was for the most part minimal due to the fact it’s fairly dark and you’re in the woods. This year, Freddy found his pair of Dickies and definitely looked the part. We did run into 2 other movie icons that didn’t quite fit the description of the silver screen counterparts. Michael Myers definitely had a quality mask and definitely did an excellent job portraying him. But, yeah sorry, I have to do it. The cut off sleeves. Don’t get me wrong, that Micheal Myers works out, but if you’re going to put a Movie icon at your haunt. They need to look the part. At least he was not wearing a hoodie. The other was Jason Vorhees. The mask was good and the costume was spot on. But, Jason does not grunt or growl. Also, the bib on his mask kept coming out. I walked through twice and even told one of the crew members. He got on the radio for it to get fixed. Walked back through an hour later and it was sticking out worse than it was the first time. Other than those 2 negatives. I thought everything else was very well done.

Actors – 9.5
I absolutely love the energy of these actors. You can tell they are having a great time and care about being a part of Creepy Hollow Woods. We encountered some great performances. For example, the preacher and the exorcist  girl. That was a very powerful and well planned out scene. They truly sold out to their characters. The actors from the hillbilly area all the way to the clowns were spot on with their performances and timing. There were a few actors who did get caught between groups kind of just standing there not knowing what to do because we snuck up on them.  But, Creepy Hollow has a lot of young actors scaring. It’s just a lack of experience and that will come with age. But, I absolutely loved the clown area. The energy and the singing were a great addition. Major kudos the entire crew.

Theme/Trail – 9.2
They changed a lot of things and I loved it. It is still a mix of outdoor and indoor areas as you venture through the woods. You run into some very unique scenes and surprises. It’s a fairly large trail and typically with large trails comes dead space. There were no dead spots at Creepy Hollow Woods. Even at times when I thought there was going to be a dead spot, an actor appeared. We passed one scene where it seemed like 20 zombie girls were trying to rip us apart and I thought to myself, “Oh man, a lot of actors in one place. Somewhere on the trail is needing a body”. Nope. All spots covered and even spots where we least expected them were covered.
The one thing that I noticed on our experience was the insanity experience. I’m not sure if the issue was caused out front while letting the groups in or poor timing during certain scenes. But, they mix in the insanity victims with the normal patrons sometimes. We happened to run into a group of insanity victims who got bunched up in two scenes. There were about 6 insanity victims and the actors were more focused on them than they were the patrons walking through the scene. This happened at the caskets and the swamp scenes. I know they pay extra for that experience, but, when the normal patrons walk through they are paying for an experience as well. That experience lacks value for them due to all the attention being put on the insanity victims. In the swamp, for example, there were 3 actors in there. Maybe have 2 actors dealing with insanity and 1 actor scaring patrons. Maybe it was a rare thing, unfortunately, it happened during our experience.
Moving past that, I like how there is no theme. It’s just whatever goes with this experience. Sometimes, it’s the best way to keep patrons on their toes. Creepy Hollow Woods does a great job at doing that. They definitely stepped up their game this season with their trail experience.

Special Effects – 9
 I  did notice a few things that were added this season and it’s nothing but positive additions. I love how they added lights to the actor that is getting electrocuted. I love the swamp scene and the simple effects used for the exorcism room. You don’t need millions of dollars to pull off great scenes. You need a creative backbone. That is what you get at Creepy Hollow Woods. I prefer to see creative ways to make scenes come to life versus buying a complete setup at Transworld and then just plug and place.

Is it Scurry? 9.5
We were there from opening to close. I don’t think a minute passed where we were not hearing screams coming from within the woods. From it’s unnerving feeling walking to the ticket booth, to not knowing what was lurking behind you in the mid-way, It’s scary. Here at Creepy Hollow Woods, they don’t care what you’re doing. If they see an opportunity to scare you. They’ll do it. It’s not even safe to take a piss while at Creepy Hollow Woods. Remember that!

Customer Service – 10
Hands down top-notch hospitality. They care about the community. They care about the industry. They care about the patrons. They want you to get scared while having the best time possible. They also are taking up donations for Hurricane Michael victims. This is seriously some of the most passionate, professional, caring people I’ve ever meet in the industry. A lot of haunts could learn a thing or two when it comes to customer service from this crew!

Bang for your buck- 10
Hands down absolutely worth the price and drive. Our experience lasted us near 30 minutes. We had an amazing time walking through Creepy Hollow Woods. From the different characters to the unique scenes and every single startle and scare. You get your money’s worth. Even with the Insanity experience, I didn’t see a single person who did it come out with a frown. Or clean for that matter.

Overall –
Creepy Hollow Woods is definitely a can’t miss experience. It’s a fun haunt to be at and they deliver multiple quality scares throughout. You have so many haunts out there who take everything too seriously. So serious to the point where the actors and crew forget to have fun with what they are doing. You won’t find that here at Creepy Hollow Woods. When your crew looks like they are glad to be there. It makes the patron happy to be there. Even if they don’t like getting scared. This haunt has improved since 2017 and I can’t wait to see what they do for 2019. This haunt has become a staple on my haunt tour from here on out. I hope they don’t get tired of seeing my face every October!



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