We drove to 13 Stories on a Friday night. It was quite an easy drive. After getting off the exit, it’s only about another 5 minutes. Once you arrive it’s very clearly marked and easy to find. As we pulled into the parking lot, there was a very dismal feeling, which in my opinion is good because it keeps you on edge. There were a couple cops there just Incase however 13 Stories is in a good area of town. It was a cool set up and I go into more detail further in the review. 

Actors - 9 

I’ll start by saying that all actors continuously stayed in character the entire haunt which is important! Starting from the time you left your car until you entered your car to leave. They were all unique in their own way. All of the actors had a job to do and did it well. Not only that but they had fun doing it. Some of the sounds and placement of them was amazing. The actors also worked well with each other and communicated without us knowing. They were allowed to follow you for a bit of extra anxiety which is something you don’t find at a lot of haunts. They also had people of all ages placed in the houses which was very cool as well. I give them a 9 for how well they executed every scare and their Character as a whole. 

Costumes/makeup - 7 

The costumes could have used a little work. In the Pink Trap house, Most of the actors were in basic regular clothes (some torn and stuff) with some smeared face paint, but the Clown House was a bit more intricate where the make-up and clown costumes were a lot better. I did like some of the props on the costumes such as chains. I feel that a bit more time on the make up and costumes in the Pink Trap House could have made this better.

Atmosphere - 9

As soon as you step out of the car you are met with a couple actors roaming the property, sliding around, talking to you, scaring you, and creating a fun environment. Something that really stood out to me was that as we were crossing the parking lot approaching the ticket booth, there was an actor that was playing ‘Tag’ with one of the kids that was attending the event. The kids were laughing and running around chasing said actor. As you are crossing the parking lot, there is a food truck for snacks, burgers, hot dogs, drinks, and other food items for if you get hungry. There’s also port-a-potties. Approaching the ticket booth, you begin to hear loud music playing, giving off a fun and creepy vibe. Beside the ticket booth, There is a Gift Shop and a sidewalk which leads to the entrance of the Pink Trap House. In that common area, you are always watching your back due to roaming actors approaching from every which way, trying to scare you. There are great props outside and good photo ops. There were several different emotions involved as we were standing outside hanging out and taking it all in. Very Good Atmosphere all around!

Theme/Trail - 7

We did 3 different Haunts: Pink Trap House, Clown Haus, and Hellevator. The Pink Trap House was fairly Disorganized. It had no steady theme. You go through what looks like almost an old industrial warehouse/Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then to a spider theme, then back to a trap house theme. I feel that it could’ve been a little more organized. However I do believe the actors were appropriate for their designated areas. The trial was interesting and full of excitement. The Clown Haus did however follow theme. It is exactly what it Sounds like... a Clown House! That one was very good at following it’s theme the whole way through; tricks, pop-boxes, props, and actors were all a vital part of this production and very well placed. Then to the Hellevator Haunt. First you ride on the Elevator, very well done! Once off the Elevator (or Hellevator Rather), It was more than DARK... with fog! You literally cannot not see as you walk into unknown areas. All you have to guide you are voices. It is the most Enthralling haunt of all of them, it just could’ve been longer.

Special Effects - 10

Let me start by saying that the animatronics, sounds, lighting, and props were AMAZING!! They always keep you on your toes simply because you don’t know what’s coming next or from what direction. The sounds and lighting go along with the Themes in a very carefully designed, timed, and planned way. I give this a 10 because yes, it is top of the line! Very impressed with this aspect of 13 Stories

Bang For Your Buck - 7

$25 for Pink Trap & Clown Haus

$35 for Pink Trap, Clown Haus, & Hellevator

In my opinion, the $25 for both was good but $10 extra for a couple minute haunt is not worth it. They have different options for Fast Pass however I do not believe I would pay the $35.

Is it Scary - 8.9

There was several times we got pretty scared. The actors did an amazing job coordinating with each other to produce very well executed scares. Between their placement, timing, and enthusiasm, along with the special effects and lighting, sounds, etc... 13 stories as a whole knows and understands the “Scurry Factor”. There were a couple times where there was complete Sensory Overload and I just wanted to run. Very well done

Customer Service - 10

I’ll start by saying that the Customer Service here is an A+! Allen (the owner) and the other staff truly have people skills and understand the laws of customer service! I was greeted with smiles and all my questions answered, and exited with things like “how was it?” and “thanks for coming, have a great night!”. Even the food truck people were polite and friendly! You can tell that the Staff at 13 Stories truly love doing what they do and it definitely reflects on how welcome you feel! It almost felt that I was a part of their family!

Overall - 

I give this haunt a “great” rating because they simply do a really good job in all aspects. I went in with no expectations and came out very pleased! As mentioned earlier, their special effects and actors are amazing! You never know what to expect and what’s around the next turn. I definitely recommend this haunt to any thrill seekers that like to and want to experience something different. Great job 13 Stories! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!



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