Approaching 13 Stories, you will travel down some dark backroads through Newnan, GA. You won't know you're approaching a haunt until you see the building with red lights back off of the road a bit. It appears to be a very old warehouse and in fact, that's exactly what it is. Once you pass the building, there will be 2 smaller spot lights which is the entrance to the parking lot. It's pretty easy to miss so keep a close eye out. Pulling into the parking lot, you don't exactly know what to think. You will see a door with a small sign. We stepped out of the car and were greeted with a creepy, clown-like, scratchy voice coming from the door yelling at us "Y'all coming in???" There was a particular level of creepiness with not being able to see who was talking to us.


As we entered the building through the small door, we walked directly into their Giftshop/Midway. As we hung out, we were greeted by actors of all shapes and sizes. Some would walk up and just stare, some would make creepy noises, and some would slide around us. There were a lot of staff in this area and they were all incredibly friendly. You are free to roam indoors and outdoors. There are indoor bathrooms which are located actually in the que line. Overall, the atmosphere is very average and well lit. The roaming actors really add to it.


The trail and theme provided great eye candy. You have the option of 4 different trails. The main 2 are the 13 Stories Trail and Clown Haus. The 13 Stories trail was marked well with only a few spots of a "which way do I go?" feel. 13 Stories supports its name by actually having 13+ different stories and themes that you will walk through. Those themes include but not limited to: The Kitchen, Boiler Room, Jungle, Study, Pharmacy, Black Room, Hospital/Morgue, Graveyard, Vertigo, Caverns, Jail, Garage, Bayou, and more! It's truly incredible how many theme's they can incorporate into 1 haunt. There are fairly smooth yet unexpected transitions into other rooms. Their trails and themes are reliant on Actors and Animatronics alike. You will really feel as if the themes pull you in to what they're portraying. Be careful walking through the jungle, you may just get attacked by a giant rogue snake! Clown Haus is much more reliant on the actors & their acting. You will be semi-guided through by a bigger clown with surprises around nearly every corner. However, don't just rely on your peripherals and side-vision. It would be who of you to look at any and all angles to catch these deranged clowns lurking before they catch you!


At 13 Stories, there is a new attraction of a Zombie Laser Tag! Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in a real zombie land and having to shoot the zombies with assault rifles? Well, this is a real-life zombie kill experience where they won't stop for anything until you shoot them! Watch your back because they may just get a hold of you. Finally, you will come to the Hellevator where you will take a ride to the depths of Hell and walk through complete blackness, fighting off the demons lurking. Overall, 13 Stories did a great job with their theme and trail. Very little improvements could be made yet they continue to improve every year!


The costumes and makeup were decent at 13 stories. Everyone was in costume for their designated theme or area they were acting in. The makeup was designed in such a way that there were not many needed masks. You can tell that they really pay attention to detail in a sense of the costumes. Everything down to the small details such as their teeth, chains on their clothing, and shoes.


Screams, jumps, sounds, demeanor/aggression, and ambition truly make these actors some of the best in the business. I was shocked and impressed at the diversity in acting as you walk (or run) through the haunt. From the time you enter the haunt until you leave, all of the actors stay in character. They were all very interactive with the guests and versatile with what they can do. I would also like to add that there were actors of all ages which made this haunt very unique. You can tell that these people really love what they do and take the time to practice and continuously improve. We were jumping, laughing, screaming, and smiling at all different points through this haunt all thanks to the actors here! Amazing job to 13 Stories in this aspect. Lastly, I would like to give a shoutout to Squeaky! He did absolutely amazing! Don't worry, you will for sure encounter him on your visit to 13 Stories.

Special Effects/Visual

The use of Animatronics here was top-of-the-line! They had some of the best I've seen. 13 Stories has become experts when it comes to special effects. You may have doors drop next to you, air cannons, or a brief visual movie as you walk down a hallway. We were also able to tell that there was a lot of time and energy put into the visuals of this haunt. You will experience bloody rooms, a real-life feeling graveyard, and spider's alley. The visual effects, sounds, and special effects are definitely something to remember and they won't disappoint.

Bang For Your Buck

Overall, the bang for your buck is pretty highly rated. I would say that it's definitely worth it however, I do feel that the jump in price is a bit drastic for the Zombie Apocalypse/Laser Tag. Below is a list of prices:


13 Stories & Clown Haus - $15 (before 10/24). $20 (10/24 - 10/31)

13 Stories & Clown Haus & Zombie Apocalypse/Laser Tag - $30 (before 10/24). $40 (10/24 - 10/31)


Is it Scurry?

This haunt is a very well mix of Scary and Fun. There will be times where you will be scared multiple times by the same actor. Again, this is where the actors do such a good job with zoning in on what makes you scream and they will capitalize on that. They will do your best to scare you and often times it will be more than Jump Scares. You may be followed and as I mentioned earlier, Watch all angles!


There is most definitely a certain vision that goes into creating 13 Stories. There are many different things that you won't necessarily see in other haunts and the common haunt theme's here definitely have their own special twist. The time that goes into these haunts shows in the detail and production in its entirety.

Did I feel comfortable?

Yes. Absolutely. The do a great job at social distancing and not getting too up close and personal. Everything is at a very comfortable distance and all the staff were wearing masks. They do not require you to wear a mask but please use your own discretion while visiting 13 stories.

Haunt Change

This haunt was very different than last year and it was mostly for the better! They improved on the dead spots and themes to where you could truly tell what they were portraying. i also feel as though the actors improved a great deal. I personally liked the outdoor midway last year. This year it was all indoor and just not as eventful. The new zombie apocalypse laser tag was an awesome addition. All in all, it was definitely an improvement from last year. I hope to continue to watch this haunt change and grow in the years to come


Overall, this haunt is a must see! They did a fantastic job and I feel that the staff and actors all have a very special vision and do their jobs very well. There is definitely a lot of enthusiasm and time that goes into this production and I am very excited to visit again. If you're on a tight budget but want to have a great time, then this is the haunt for you!